Project and Portfolio Management

What is Kovair PPM

A comprehensive ALM tool with built-in Project and Portfolio Management capabilities. It manages the entire portfolio of programs, projects and individual work items across the enterprise.
Kovair PPM-ALM Layer

Project Portfolio governance in a single ALM repository

Project Portfolio decisions, if not made based on real-time project data cutting across tool boundaries, may lead to deadline slip and severe project failure.

Now, with Kovair, get the flexibility and transparency to meet challenging economic conditions and be prepared for ongoing micro-and macro level changes.

  • Gain complete project oversight. Identify resource, time, or cost related problems earlier in the lifecycle
  • Create, evaluate and prioritize business investments against limited resources, company benchmark, expected ROI, break-even point, cost and quality goals
  • Prepare with contingency plans and get total control on the release quality and timeline
  • Improve cash flow by deploying the right resources in the right project at the right time

Get central visibility into project & portfolio hierarchy

Bring together all project stakeholders, data sources and processes in a single, integrated system and get a unified view of project, program, and portfolio – as they happen in your organization.

PPM Dashboard Page

Combine project plans with total ALM goals

  • Keep product development teams, project managers and business heads tied together with a single source of information.
  • Define business goals and execute portfolio, programs and project plans in association with application delivery plans.
  • Synchronize application lifecycle data across development and release stages with project progress plan for greater insights.
Kovair Project Portfolio Management Overview

Keep PPM process simple from the ground up

Enjoy intuitive UI and simple mouse-click configurability of Kovair ALM tool. With its expanded support for PPM, you can easily create, evaluate and prioritize business investments against limited resources, company benchmark, expected ROI, break-even point, cost and quality goals – No dependence on excel sheets and manual reports.

Kovair Integrated ALM

Improve portfolio performance like a pro

With integrated PPM-ALM capabilities of Kovair, senior managers can establish standard evaluation and selection criteria for their projects. Now develop and optimize planning scenarios, communicate investment decisions to cross-functional team heads and monitor overall performance at project, program, and portfolio level.

Do detailed project planning for higher visibility

The top-down project management approach of Kovair PPM allows you to have an open data model for analyzing business outcomes at each resource level – Portfolio manager to Work associates. This data can be analyzed in a business intelligence tool for strategic reporting.

Govern portfolio performance with real-time reports

Don’t restrict yourself to standard timesheet reports and project scheduling charts. Kovair PPM gives top-down project visibility through graphical reports and executive dashboards. The detailed actionable insights help you take fact-based portfolio decisions – which project to be invested in, what to be retired from and which project needs resourcing in a different manner.

Ensure financial transparency and strategic improvement

Kovair PPM provides a common interface for managing costs and revenues associated with enterprise portfolios. Program and portfolio managers can efficiently plan and control budget allocation and improve cash flow by deploying the right resources in the right project at the right time.

Achieve higher control on release predictability

Help your development teams and project management teams to synchronize their workflow, schedules, budget, and work status thus allow them to work around common business goals. This helps maintain business compliance and reduces costs due to rework and errors.

Enhance your scope for innovation

Embrace innovation in strategic portfolios and increase capacity for growth by introducing new ideas and requirements across product and project lifecycle stages. With Kovair PPM, organizations are better equipped with strategic and product level changes at any given time which in turn increases overall stability and reliability of a project.

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Kovair Project and Portfolio Management
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