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Kovair Announces ALM Solution for Automotive Industry

Release Date: September 15, 2020

PRWebKovair software today announced the release of their automotive solution based on their configurable ALM Studio. This newly launched solution from Kovair leverages different capabilities of Kovair ALM and integration with different PLM tools to support automotive product development and compliance with standards for safety as well as hazard prevention requirements. This solution simplifies regulatory compliances for standards like ISO 26262 and SAE 3016 and SAE 3018 ASPICE.

Kovair Launches Omnibus Enterprise iPaaS

Release Date: September 02, 2020

EinpresswireKovair is introducing its popular Omnibus Integration Platform as an integrated Platform as a Service – iPaaS solution – the Omnibus Enterprise iPaaS.
Organizations around the world are transforming their enterprise systems to embrace modern and agile technologies. In order to ensure that traditional IT environments smoothly transition to this new technology mix, they are adopting multiple infrastructures for different workloads and applications. As a result of this endeavor, cloud technologies are becoming one of the major investments for organizations of all sizes. To facilitate this paradigm shift, Kovair is thus introducing its popular Omnibus Integration Platform as an integrated Platform as a Service – iPaaS solution –the Omnibus Enterprise iPaaS.

Kovair Software Appoints Reseller for Mexico and Latin America

Release Date: June 15, 2020

PRWebKovair today announced the appointment of Coral Springs, Florida based Paradigm Telecom Solutions Inc. as a Reseller of all its products and services for Latin American markets. Paradigm is led by Alberto Campos who has had a very distinguished career in the IT Domain in Mexico, Colombia, Chile and other countries in Latin America as a high level Executive for America Movil – one of the largest global telecom companies and a major mobile services provider in Latin America and presence in the US and Europe.

Kovair Releases It’s New Kubernetes Plug-In for It’s DevOps

Release Date: May 18, 2020

PRWebKovair Software, one of the leaders in the software tools integration domain, today announced the release of its new Kubernetes plug-in for the Kovair DevOps Solution. Kovair DevOps in conjunction with it’s award-winning Omnibus, supports Hybrid Multi-Cloud Enablement. This enterprise-class automation solution helps to reduce time to market and leverage the benefits of Kubernetes environment and clusters with end-to-end automation of the build-test-deploy cycle. It also provides a comprehensive workflow orchestration for better, faster and higher quality software development.

Kovair Announces the Release of Kovair DevOps Platform for Implementing End-to-End Continuous Delivery Process

Release Date: February 19, 2020

PRWebKovair Software, one of the leaders in software tools integrations, today announced the release of Kovair DevOps Platform. The enterprise-class automation solution helps to reduce time to market and implement DevOps with end-to-end automation of the build-test-deploy cycle. It also provides comprehensive workflow orchestration for better, faster and more accurate software development.

PTIKovair Software today announced the release of a new Kovair DevOps Platform. It provides enterprises with the CI/CD functionality necessary to deploy applications to any platform at any scale. This platform delivers task-based pipeline for orchestration of releases, builds, deployment automation functions and real-time analytics compatible with continuous delivery. It also helps companies manage applications deployed in the heterogeneous environments like on premise or cloud.

CRIS Selects Kovair ALM Studio for Managing its Resources and Portfolio of Projects

Release Date: December 5, 2019

PRWebKovair Software, the developer of Kovair ALM Studio, a fully integrated and scalable enterprise Application Lifecycle Management and Project Portfolio Management and several other software development tools announced that India’s Centre for Railway Information Systems – CRIS, a division of Indian Railways has selected Kovair ALM Studio to efficiently manage their portfolio of projects and resources. CRIS went through an open tender process where Kovair participated with its reseller QualityKiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Located in Mumbai, and competed with multiple vendors in this domain to win this order.

Kovair Announces API Based Auto Configurations for Omnibus Integrations

Release Date: August 1, 2019

PRWebKovair Software, today announced the successful production deployment of its Rest API for auto provisioning of integrations between tools that enhances configuration productivity multi-fold for its Omnibus based integrations. While APIs now power critical functions in just about every industry imaginable, getting this kind of connectivity in place is a significant enhancement of integration implementation where multiple projects are to be integrated in a large organization.
“The benefits of this capability will be experienced by companies using multiple tools integrations with several projects,” stated Joydeep Datta, Director of Development Engineering at Kovair.

Kovair Announces Partnership with PTC

Release Date: July 11, 2019

PRWebKovair Software, today announced the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with PTC, one of the major global PLM Software vendors as a Regional Service Provider out of its ALM-PLM Center of Excellence based in Bangalore, India headed by Mr. Murugan Krishnaswamy who brings over two decades of experience in the PLM domain. Kovair with its significant experience in the ALM domain with its own ALM Studio product as well as robust integrations with several third party products in ALM, DevOps as well as PLM product domains like PTC Windchill and ARAS Innovator is entering the growing domain of ALM PLM integrations and implementations. Major PLM vendors like PTC can obtain significant benefits from their partnerships with Kovair and its vast Omnibus integration portfolio of 90+ software Requirements, Development, Test, SCM, Release and Deployment Management as well as CRM and ITSM tools. As more and more systems in automotive, medical and industrial markets are becoming a combination of both software and hardware components including IOT, the collaboration and integrations between ALM and PLM products are taking on much more significance.

Kovair Software Appoints a European Reseller for Its Tools

Release Date: April 18, 2019

PRWebKovair Software today announced the recent appointment of its Products Reseller for the European Market, Deutscher Mittelstand based in Stuttgart Germany. They also have a presence in Asia through their Hong Kong location. Deutscher Mittelstand through its CEO Thomas Arends and his team of specialists, bring extensive experience with tools in the software development domain and in particular in real life systems solutions in key verticals like Aerospace, Medical, Automotive and Industrial domains. These are all high growth markets along with High Technology domains and are totally aligned with Kovair’s market segments focus.

“These are a group of very hands on and domain expertise individuals who can add tremendous value to the software and product development tools prospects in the European Markets with significant technical strength compared to any typical product reseller” said Bipin Shah, CEO and Chairman of Kovair Software Inc.

Kovair Software Establishes Presence in Bangladesh

Release Date: April 20, 2018

PRWebKovair today announced establishment of a new Bangladesh entity as a joint venture collaborative entity with two local investors from Bangladesh to market and sell its ALM Integrations and DevOps and related products in the Bangladesh. It will attempt to capture both the private and government sectors of the markets where it sees a growing potential for business as Bangladesh accelerates its journey towards a Digital Bangladesh. The Bangladesh entity headquartered in Dhaka will be named Kovair Software Bangladesh Ltd.

Kovair took this decision and action after two years of visits to IT Trade shows, seminars and meetings with officials as well as major IT companies in Bangladesh. The IT Industry and the government have made a strong push towards the quality enhancement of their products and that is where Kovair sees the need for its ALM and tools integrations products along with its excellent workflow engine capabilities.

Kovair Software Releases Omnibus Integration Adapter for Pivotal Tracker

Release Date: June 22, 2017

PRWebKovair’s integration with Pivotal Tracker and other ALM tools like JIRA and GitHub enables project management team and developers to take proper decisions based on the total project visibility.
Kovair Software today announced its release of an integration between its Omnibus Integration Platform and Pivotal Tracker ®, the world’s most powerful software development planning tool. This is a continuing progression of Kovair’s goal to facilitate integrations with major Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools in the market both from major vendors and best of the breed open source offerings where Kovair now offers its customers more than 70+ off the shelf integrations. Its Omnibus Integration Platform is key to achieving this capability.

“Pivotal Tracker is the industry standard tool for startups and Fortune 500 companies to develop and manage plans to rapidly ship code, which will provide tremendous value to Kovair’s growing customer base. Moreover, we’re also excited to introduce Kovair to Pivotal’s enormous customer base, especially those using Pivotal Cloud Foundry, the industry’s fastest growing cloud native application development platform,” said Bipin Shah, CEO and Chairman of Kovair Software.

Kovair Announces Integrated DevOps Product

Release Date: MARCH 07, 2017

PRWebKovair Software, Inc., today announced its entry into the DevOps tools market with its single click solution designated as Kovair Integrated DevOps. Kovair Integrated DevOps will deliver a transformative impact for Enterprises. It enables the Enterprise to select the best of the breed tools and have a cohesive flow from continuous operation to continuous production deployment and monitoring.

“With more than 70 tools integrations in our portfolio with our Omnibus Integration Platform, this was the natural next step for us to take to satisfy the needs of the market. When there are still no single product solutions for DevOps, Kovair comes close to this objective with this new product introduction,” said Bipin Shah, President and CEO of Kovair.

Kovair Establishes its Presence in Bangalore, India

Release Date: SEPTEMBER 19, 2016

PRWebThe new office space, very centrally located in Kalyan Nagar area of Bangalore will provide capacity for increased on-site customer support, better sales and service capabilities and closer dialog with customers and prospects. This new facility at Bangalore is a benchmark move for Kovair in its path to expanding its business in Southern India.

“Kovair’s decision to open an office at Bangalore in addition to having its India headquarters at Kolkata is very much driven by our desire to serve customers better in the Silicon Valley of India and be close to them to understand better their needs. I am very excited about this new office and am looking forward to interacting closely with many customers and prospects in Bangalore and Southern India and serving them better,” said Bipin Shah, President and CEO of Kovair.

Kovair Enhances Its ALM Studio with Project and Portfolio Management Capabilities

Release Date: JULY 27, 2016

PRWebKovair PPM allows organizations to have complete visibility on their entire portfolio including all programs and projects through a single log in. Using the simplified top-down approach of Kovair PPM, program managers and senior executives can align business strategies with projects, establish total project capacity and decide on the most suitable, cost-effective approach to deliver projects and programs and view cross project reports and dashboards.

“This release 8.5 of ALM studio with built-in capabilities for Project Portfolio Management – PPM will help organizations manage, track and control their entire portfolio of programs and projects across the enterprise at a fraction of the cost of procuring a full PPM Tool in most cases. With this complete visibility, enterprises will be able to maximize their business deliverables and significantly improve release performance,” said Bipin Shah, CEO and Chairman at Kovair,”

Kovair Software Releases Integrated Test Management – iTM to the Market

Release Date: MAY 05, 2016

PRWebKovair’s integrated test management software – iTM allows QA and development teams to track every aspect of software quality by providing support for manual and automated testing, automated defect tracking and real-time monitoring of key test metrics and KPIs. The integrated testing platform helps organizations to achieve Continuous Integration – CI and Continuous Delivery – CD, thus fulfilling the needs for DevOps adoption.

“Today, the software industry is adopting continuous development and testing in production, continuous deployment using automated processes which are repeatable and reliable and continuous monitoring of quality and feedback mechanisms at every stage. Kovair iTM has been configured to meet all these requirements of the state-of-the-art processes,” said Bipin Shah, CEO and Chairman of Kovair.

Kovair Software Adds Testing Capabilities to its LDRA Integration Adapter/Connector

Release Date: MARCH 23, 2016

PRWebThe Kovair-LDRA integration extended rich interface allows the developer to perform code analysis (static / dynamic) during code check-in. The integration also extends its support for allowing the user to perform integration unit, isolation unit and unit testing using LDRA’s TBrun from the IDE itself.

“This phase will increase both developer productivity and the quality of their output by allowing them to carry out different types of code analysis coupled with unit testing. Developers will also be able to see real-time reports of different analysis performed by LDRA from their own IDEs,” says Ian Hennell, Operations Director.

“With this phase II completion of the Omnibus-LDRA integration, organisations will be able to enforce a uniform set of code analysis techniques at a much more granular level and ensure that unit , isolation unit, and regression testing performed by the developers from their IDEs through a single interface. This in turn will provide a significant level of quality standardisation,” said Bipin Shah, CEO and Chairman of Kovair.

Kovair Announces Its Release 8.0 for Enterprise ALM and Omnibus Integration Products

Release Date: OCTOBER 19, 2015

PRWeb Press Release on Kovair Fall Release 8.0With this Release, organizations currently using Kovair and those that adopt it will be better equipped to address their challenges of compressed cycle times for product introductions, growing complexity of products, and organizational productivity enhancements across a global development environment. The Fall Release – Version 8.0 of Kovair product suites focuses on streamlining the process of development in a collaborative manner supporting DevOps as well as offering new and enhanced functionalities.

“All enhancements in the Kovair Fall Release 8.0 will help users work in an integrated manner. This will ensure proper decision making as well as early delivery of products to the market with better quality,” said Bipin Shah, CEO and Chairman of Kovair.

Kovair Software Releases QuickSync Integrations

Release Date: AUGUST 18, 2015

PRWeb Press Release on Kovair QuickSync ReleaseKovair’s introduces a new line of integration product ‘QuickSync’ which is a one-stop-solution for both synchronization and migration between a pair of tools. The intuitive UI of the product helps in easy adoption of the tool among teams and its zero dependency on database servers and IIS significantly reduces the infrastructure cost.

“This is a significant milestone for Kovair. With ‘QuickSync’ Kovair has made it possible for our customers to integrate a pair of tools seamlessly. With this, Kovair now provides integration, synchronization and migration solutions at Enterprise level involving multiple tools through the ESB based ’Omnibus’ as well as synchronization and migration between a pair of tools through QuickSync,” said Bipin Shah, CEO and Chairman of Kovair.

Kovair Software Releases Omnibus Integration Adapter/Connector for LDRA

Release Date: JUNE 17, 2015

PRWeb Press Release on Kovair LDRA Integration Adapter ReleaseKovair Software, one of the leaders in Integrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) added one more connector to its suite of 60+ tools today and announced the release of Kovair Omnibus Integration Adapter for LDRA Testbed, a leading product in providing core static and dynamic analysis engines for both host and embedded software. Watch this demo video on Kovair-LDRA multi-tool integration scenario.

“This integration will open the doors for different application developers to perform LDRA based static code analysis from their IDE. This is a step forward for the aerospace and defense industry and offers similar promise for industries such as rail transportation, industrial automation, and automotive,” says Ian Hennell, Director, LDRA UK.

Kovair Releases Integration Adapter and Plug-in for IBM Rhapsody Developer

Release Date: JUNE 02, 2015

PRWeb Press Release on Kovair Rhapsody Adapter ReleaseKovair Software, one of the leaders in Integrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) today announced release of the Kovair Omnibus Integration Adapter/Connector for Rational Rhapsody – a model-driven development (MDD) environment from IBM.

This new adapter enhances Kovair’s existing integration capabilities with IBM Rational products for design and development management. IBM® Rational® Rhapsody® Developer is a visual development environment for embedded, real time technical application software development based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML).

“Project managers in any Enterprise need better visibility and control of design artifacts being created, changed and reviewed among large development teams. Kovair with its ability to import entire design artifacts from Rhapsody to Kovair ALM platform enables Project Managers to view a complete change history of design projects and gain greater insights into the evolution of software design diagrams,” said Bipin Shah, CEO and Chairman of Kovair.

Kovair Software releases Kovair Omnibus Integration Adapter for Microsoft Visual Studio Online

Release Date: APRIL 28, 2015

PRWeb Press Release on Rhapsody Adapter ReleaseKovair Software , one of the leaders in Integrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) today announced release of the Kovair Omnibus Integration Adapter for Microsoft Visual Studio Online. This new adapter enhances Kovair’s integration capabilities with Microsoft’s cloud-hosted ALM products.

The integration of Visual Studio Online with Kovair Omnibus will allow bi-directional flow of Visual Studio Online work items between a wide variety of on-premises and cloud tools such as Team Foundation Server 2013 (TFS 2013), HP ALM, or Rally. This integration facilitates data collaboration among various tools, thus providing a centralized view of the Unified Software Development processes in the cloud.

“Microsoft’s Visual Studio Online and Team Foundation Server offer development teams a comprehensive ALM solution to accelerate deployment, improve collaboration and support agile planning,” said Mitra Azizirad, General Manager, Developer Platform Marketing and Sales at Microsoft Corp. “Companies like Kovair Software enhance the productivity and value of Microsoft’s ALM products by enabling developers to more efficiently integrate their investments with other ALM components.”

Kovair Releases uDeploy & uRelease Integrations for IBM Tools

Release Date: MARCH 11, 2015

Lightning ReleasesKovair Software,, a major player in integrated ALM solutions, announces the release of two new integration adapters/connectors for IBM deployment tools – UrbanCode Deploy 6.1.1 and UrbanCode Release 6.1.1.

Kovair’s integration with uDeploy and uRelease enables Software Release managers to view various application deployments, their status, related artifacts as well as track the whole release process from within Kovair ALM or other ALM tools connected through the Kovair Omnibus Integration Bus. This provides them a centralized view of the unified software deployment and release processes.

“We have seen that Agile gives organizations the much-needed ability to quickly respond in a volatile market. The software industry is also entering a point in time where a company’s ability to successfully launch and maintain software products will be critical to their survival. In this scenario, the keys to success are DevOps and Continuous Delivery. The uDeploy and uRelease adapters by Kovair Omnibus team help in achieving both, where data transparency needs to be achieved throughout a software ecosystem,” said Bipin Shah, CEO and Chairman of Kovair.

The Essentials to Look At in an ESB-Based ALM Integration Platform

Release Date: June 26, 2014

CM Crossroads

Identifying the right vendor for an ESB-based integration platform is not an easy task. It depends on several factors associated with your current ALM use case and requirements. Project stakeholders should decide on the integration flow, future tool enhancements, tool accessibility, and configurability before coming to a conclusion. This article takes them through the steps of identifying value propositions in an ESB-based integration solution.

An Overview of the ESB-Based Tool Integration Approach

Release Date: May 22, 2014

CM Crossroads

Business users who tend to follow the enterprise service bus model to implement SOA for tool integrations are yet to optimize their effort and investment. It is imperative that businesses are completely aware of why, when, and how to select the right ESB solution to build an integrated ALM ecosystem, and they should know what to ask an integration vendor in order to get the most out of the deal. This article takes them through the critical steps of choosing an appropriate ESB solution.

ITSM Views from a Vendor, with Ashok Srivastava from Kovair

Release Date: March 14, 2014

Joe The IT Guy

The global and distributed outlook is missing in the traditional ITSM industry.Traditional IT Service Management System relies more on organization’s in-house expertise and is offered as a centralized service based on internal capabilities and people (roles). The processes here are defined exactly the way they are required by the organization with lesser chance of configurability and customization. However, the modern IT Service Management system is more process oriented. It provides the catalogue of services and has built-in best practice processes and templates. This helps organizations to manage their IT Service Management operations in a better way.

Demystifying The Myths Associated To ALM Integration – Part II

Release Date: February 21, 2014


Organisations need to realise that integration without following “Process Level Automation” is not a viable solution. What we do in one ALM tool during one of the lifecycle phases needs to be reflected at process level to another tool operating on different lifecycle stage. Integration between tools must be driven/supported by task-based workflow rather than status based workflow.

Demystifying The Myths Associated To ALM Integration – Part I

Release Date: February 20, 2014


Tool integration has been a field of constant changes since the inception of JCL (Job Control Language) by IBM. JCL statements specify and manage input data sets, output data sets; allocate resources for a job and instruct programs that are to be run using the data sets. That was an era when managing job in a tool was quite simpler, so was the execution of tool integrations.

However, with time, the vendor-specific tools became more complex and diverse in nature. The demand for varied scalabilities, server requirements and tool administration capabilities mounted up in a bigger way.However, with time, the vendor-specific tools became more complex and diverse in nature. The demand for varied scalabilities, server requirements and tool administration capabilities mounted up in a bigger way.

Kovair Enables Migration and Synchronization Between HP QC and Microsoft TFS & MTM

Release Date: Feb 20, 2014

MarketwiredKovair Software,, a major player in integrated ALM solutions, announced today that it has successfully released a migration and synchronization solution between HP Quality Center, Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Microsoft Test Manager (MTM).

Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform now supports migration of all HP QC elements including Requirements, Test Cases, Defects, Attachments, History and their interrelationships to TFS. The solution also supports the migration of HP QC Test Cases along with automated Test Scripts to TFS as Generic Tests. This provides a comprehensive migration solution for testing in software development.

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