Implement DevSecOps to Ensure Faster Delivery with Quality

Leverage Kovair’s VSMP DevOps solution with the CI/CD functionality to deploy applications to any platform at any scale

What is Kovair DevOps

The pace of delivery in today’s software world has never been faster and more competitive. IT teams of organizations are always getting challenged with increasing demands both from the market as well as their own lines of Business. These demands have raised the need for implementation of Continuous Delivery (CD) and DevOps practices. Organizations need to implement solutions for achieving faster delivery in a more predictable, scalable and productive way by automating their delivery process with complete visibility to every stage of the release process in a collaborative manner.

Key Highlights of Kovair DevOps

  • Supports multiple databases – Maria DB, SQL Server and Oracle fitting into the needs of organizations of all size
  • Offers Task-Based pipeline supporting parallel tasks, stages of release and execution of one pipeline from another
  • Provides complete insight into release progress & process efficiency through real-time reports & dashboards
  • Allows to do a continuous assessment of DevOps implementation through DORA metrics
  • Supports shells and Windows command execution in pre-build steps
  • Support Manual task for Approval at different stages
  • Supports distributed builds with multiple agents
  • Supports notification on the build status
  • Allows to manage pipeline execution from e-mail
  • Supports Pipeline-as-a-Code

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Immediate Business Benefits

  • Implement end-to-end Continuous Delivery process breaking all silos by integrating all your existing tools
  • Perform deployment across multiple environments and platforms from one single pipeline
  • Accelerate your build and deployment processes through Kovair task-based pipeline
  • Perform continuous testing with different test automation tools

Major Capabilities

Release Orchestration

Manage complex software releases from one single platform.

  • Standardize release processes through automated and manual tasks ensuring compliance and security
  • Identify bottlenecks, reduce errors, and lower the likelihood of release failures
  • Create, Execute and Track your releases through task-based pipeline
  • Gain real-time visibility into release progress

Task-Based Release Pipeline

Implement task-based release pipeline for automating the process of code check-in to delivery.

  • Plan, Create and Manage task-based pipeline with combination of automated and manual tasks
  • Manage pipelines from handheld devices through e-mail
  • Manage parallel and sequential tasks with optional pre & post conditions for every activity
  • Implement diverse processes by reusing the pipeline and release templates
  • Manage dependent releases through dependent pipelines
  • Use custom commands and utilities for different activities
  • Connect all tools of your software delivery pipeline
  • Supports Pipeline-as-a-Code
Task Based Release Pipeline Task Based Release Pipeline

Continuous Integration, Continuous Build & Deployment Automation

Automate continuous build and deployment processes through 3rd party tools and custom routines.

  • Automate deployments across multiple environments like on-premise servers, cloud or containers
  • Automate builds using any build tool or custom commands or executables
  • Gain visibility to every deployment of applications and environments
  • Implement governance and control for every deployment
  • Kovair DevOps platform offers a quick and easy solution towards deploying and managing containerized applications.
  • Ease of operation and maintenance by provisioning, scaling and upgrading of resources, with 100% uptime.
  • Kovair DevOps platform helps in creating container images for faster deployment in Kubernetes-based environments.

Continuous Testing

Implement continuous testing over multiple environments.

  • Implement test automation to support different types of testing – Functional, Integration, System, Load, API and Security
  • Get test results manually approved before production deployment
  • Perform testing over multiple environments

Real-time Analytics for Continuous Assessment

Measure the success of your DevOps implementation through real-time reports and dashboards.

  • Ensure delivery value stream and drive business ROI with complete visibility of all releases
  • Assess your DevOps implementation maturity constantly with data driven DevOps
  • Analyze trends and manage releases more efficiently

Partner with Kovair on your journey
for DevOps implementation

Kovair DevOps is not just a tool for any one component of DevOps like CP, CI, CD, CT & Continuous Deployment but is a holistic package which ensures a smooth and successful DevOps journey for an organization. Along with integration of 110+ best of breed tools through Kovair Omnibus, Kovair DevOps also offer enterprise class mouse click configurable workflow for orchestration, central database for all the data and analytics, and collaborative platform for near real-time collaboration. The DevOps solution from Kovair not only delivers a set of tools but comes with the following components.

  • Consultants with rich experience in DevOps helping you to plan and implement your DevOps journey
  • Kovair DevOps, a cross platform task-based pipeline catering to the needs of an organization for reducing time to market.
  • Kovair Central Repository, a web-based product with a central storage supporting real-time collaboration, tool synchronization, different metrics for every team

Kovair as a team not only helps organizations to implement DevOps but at every stage ensures that different stages of DevOps maturity cycle are achieved as shown below through proper assessment at every stage.

Our Consultants

Kovair has highly experienced consultants for DevOps. These consultants get engaged with client right from the beginning and work hand in hand with the organization in their DevOps implementation. Services offered by our consultants.

  • Discuss with different team members of client for understanding their current process of delivery
  • Draw appropriate charts after identifying the most important and impacting areas of delivery
  • Based on the chart, the working model of those important areas will be assessed in more detail to figure out the gaps
  • Create and define a plan and workflow to achieve automation, collaboration and important metrics for measurement in those areas
  • Recommend best of breed tools required at every phase for a successful implementation of DevOps
  • Assessment of how best the existing tools can be used for DevOps


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