Category: Omnibus Adapters

Find the list of multi-vendor ALM and IT tool integration adapters/ connectors and plug-ins offered by Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform.

Focal Point Adapter Datasheet

Kovair Focal Point Adapter – exposes almost all custom/system modules from Focal Point to Kovair and Omnibus connected tools.

Apache Ant Integration

BENEFITS & FEATURES Allows you to track build related information including files, file versions, status, build number, duration, executor, and so on. Drive cross-tool processes based on events such as Build Failure or Build Success. Allows the Release Manager to view the status of Ant builds from other integrated tools. Kovair ANT Integration Adapter connects […]

Pivotal Tracker Adapter

Benefits Allows you to automatically synchronize, epic, stories, task and activities between Pivotal Tracker and other ALM tools. Eliminates the duplication of entries for projects, epic, stories, activities and tasks. Provides complete visibility into all project progress & deliverables. Ensures cross-tool visibility, end-to-end traceability, and process automation. Provides real-time information and consistent control across a […]

Perforce Adapter Datasheet cover picture

Benefits Fosters collaboration among dispersed development teams. Using any GIT client developers can work on the same file and updates are merged on the perforce repository. Allows you to track code units corresponding to other artifacts, such as defects and change requests recorded in other integrated tools. Allows you to access specific versions or latest […]

Simulink Adapter Datasheet cover picture

Benefits Bi-directional traceability between Simulink models, blocks and Kovair Requirements along with versioning and audit trails help facilitate collaborative design and requirements reviews in Model-Based Design workflows. Allows users to navigate from Simulink model elements to its associated Kovair ALM Requirement work items and vice versa. Allows you to track & analyze the impact of […]

SonarQube Adapter

Benefits Improve quality of code by increasing developer knowledge and understanding of code quality issues. Improves delivery time, performance, efficiency of development teams and reduces maintenance cost through early identification of quality issues. Adds issues recorded in SonarQube to defect tracking tools like JIRA, Bugzilla and helps in early resolution of issues. SonarQube analysis results, […]

Remedyforce Adapter

Benefits Automates interaction of incident, problem, change request and release management processes with development teams using tools of their choice. Ensures project progress information remains up to date both in Remedyforce and other tools in the chain. Streamlines service support processes and integrates operational systems with Quality Management and ITSM solutions. Powerful and proven Omnibus […]

Selenium Adapter

Benefits Manages all of your automated Selenium scripts, schedules tests to run simultaneously on remote hosts, and generates Run Reports Adds defects recorded in Selenium to defect tracking tools like JIRA, Bugzilla and Change Management tools. Selenium automation test scripts can be directly executed through policy from within Kovair platform and the results, reports and […]

VMware Adapter

Benefits Automates deployment of build files for automated testing through provisioning of Virtual Machines Ensures support for Continuous Integration and streamlining resource allocation. Powerful and proven Omnibus workflow engine triggering process flow between coding, build, deployment, testing and defect management. Enables bi-directional synchronization of artifacts, such as Virtual Machines, Node and Host. Helps performing software […]

Mingle Adapter

Benefits Integrate Mingle with other, requirements management,  defect tracking and testing tools allowing backlog and sprint data to flow freely between Mingle and other tools Allows project teams to work on Mingle   data of type ‘stories’, ‘features’, ‘bugs’, tasks etc. from within their preferred tools and thereby enhance their productivity. Automates Add and Modify actions […]

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