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Download the Kovair ALM White Papers and read these resource documents to enhance your product and domain knowledge about application lifecycle management.

The holistic nature of modern products and their connectivity necessitate a new approach to their development. Traditionally, product innovation and manufacturing follow separate development streams for hardware and software. These development streams progress in complete or partial isolation. With the exponentially growing volume of embedded codes in hardware devices, complexity increases by leaps and bounces. […]

Integrity of Data Synchronization

Data monitoring for finding the quantity of data that got missed during data movement and data loss during integration/migration are not the only objectives; some more specificity is required. Details of the data that were to be synced, the reason and details of errors if any that occurred during the synchronization or the time interval […]

What is ALM and Integrated ALM

Any organization that wants to adapt to quickly changing requirements of customers and develop scalable and high-quality business applications on time at lower cost needs to set up an Application Lifecycle Management -ALM framework around its teams and tools. One should also take a broad and holistic view of ALM beyond SDLC steps, as that […]

Top 10 Things to Look For in a Defect Managment Tool

Defect tracking is one of the key aspects of software development. Without getting into the question whether a defect is major or minor, it is absolutely necessary to log, manage and fix each and every defect in order to develop a stable and effective application. Identifying the source of a defect and then monitoring the […]

Managing Compliance to FDA21 CFR Part-11

Does Kovair ALM Studio provide all of the required information to an organization to support 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance? Is Kovair ALM Studio an Open System or a Closed System? Part 11 of Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations applies to records in electronic form that are created, modified, maintained, archived, retrieved, […]

Kovair Process Automation State Based and Task Based

Kovair ALM Studio is a Software Development Lifecycle Process Management system. In this whitepaper, we will briefly describe how Kovair supports and automates State-based processes. We will also describe in detail Kovair’s powerful Process Automation system based on Tasks. This Task-based process can be used to automate any development process, particularly those where State-based processes […]

Kovair Integration with Perforce SCM

SCM tool is one of the most widely used and indispensable tools in a software development organization of any size. Kovair Global Lifecycle offers a number of such critical built-in ALM applications. Kovair has created the Perforce adapter using its industry leading Omnibus Integration Bus technology that ensures a vendor neutral ALM Platform. Significant features […]

Integrated and Process Enabled ALM Ecosystem

How do you manage a software development project across a number of functionally, geographically and technologically distributed groups each with their favorite set of tools but a complete information island as far as other tools are concerned? In this whitepaper we will investigate the problems created by the various development tools in a typical development […]

Process Tool Selection Guidelines

There are not many tools which can be categorized as pure play software development process management tools. In this whitepaper we will discuss the general features and functionality we should look for in a generic Methodology Agnostic Process tool which can be used in a wide range of processes in both, the software development and […]

Value Proposition for Tools Integration

Kovair, a technology leader in the Applications Lifecycle Management –ALM and IT Service Management – ITSM offers several solutions such a Requirements Management, Test Management, Issues and Change Management, Help Desk, Incidents and Problem Management. Kovair is known for its following four technology value propositions, no matter what the specific application or solution. Download White […]

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