• Security as a service

    Kovair Security as a Service – Predict, Detect, Mitigate and Sustain

    Kovair Security as a Service – Predict, Detect, Mitigate and Sustain Secure SDLC Provides a customized model tailored to an organization’s needs. Considers existing resources, business profiles, and challenges to assess the current level of maturity and provides recommendations for future improvements. Ensures realistic and practical capabilities to achieve desired outcomes and aligns recommendations with […]

  • Kovair Solution for Automotive SPICE and ISO 26262 Compliance

    Kovair Solution for Automotive SPICE and ISO 26262 Compliance

    Kovair Solution for Automotive SPICE and ISO 26262 Compliance Facilitate faster development and delivery of products for automotive industry. Streamline functional safety compliance capabilities in automotive development like Automotive SPICE and ISO26262 Manage Hazard and Risk Analysis (HARA) with automated ASIL calculation and coverage for safety requirements engineering. Monitor and manage failure modes, risks, and […]

  • Digital-Transformation-Successful-with-Kovair

    Digital Transformation with Kovair VSMP

    Make your Digital Transformation Successful with Kovair Value Stream Management Platform One of Gartner designated Value Stream Management platforms Catering to your multiple needs to ensure successful Digital transformation journey Seamless adoption of new tools with complete data migration of legacy tools using Kovair QuickSync Faster delivery and deployment with complete security using Kovair DevOps […]

  • Kovair-ALM-Solution-for-Automotive

    Kovair ALM Solution for Automotive Industry

    Gain complete visibility for the entire development lifecycle and simplify decision-making with end to end traceability, real-time customizable reports & dashboards. Make audit preparations hassle free and efficient at reduced costs through continuous compliance with ISO 26262, Automotive SPICE and CMMI.

  • Implement End-to-End DevOps efficiently with Kovair

    Implement End-to-End DevOps efficiently with Kovair

    Key Highlights of Kovair DevOps Supports cross-platform installation Supports multiple databases Offers Task-Based pipeline supporting parallel tasks, stages of release and execution of one pipeline from another Provides complete insight into release progress & process efficiency through real-time reports & dashboards Allows doing a continuous assessment of DevOps implementation through DORA metrics Supports shells and […]

  • PLM-ALM Center of Excellence

    PLM-ALM Center of Excellence-CoE

    Introduction Enhance Collaboration Capability & Accelerate Smart Connected Product Development Integrated PLM-ALM Platform Empowering Digital Transformation Across Product Lifecycle PLM-ALM Solutions CoE highlights Kovair, a silicon-valley global technology & solutions organization, is uniquely positioned to address ModelBased Systems Engineering adoption required for today’s smart connected product development Kovair is a partner to some of the […]

  • Embedded Software Development with Kovair ALM and Omnibus

    Embedded Software Development with Kovair ALM and Omnibus

    Kovair Omnibus integration platform provides an integrated development and common test framework that supports and manages automated software verification throughout the development lifecycle of an embedded software – ensuring on-time delivery with uncompromised quality.

  • Kovair Project and Portfolio Management Overview

    Kovair Project and Portfolio Management: An Overview

    Kovair PPM provides you with real-time data and increased visibility to help you make correct investment decisions. It helps you streamline, standardize, execute and manage the entire business at product, project, program, and portfolio level.

  • Kovair QuickSync – A Product Overview

    Kovair QuickSync: An Overview

    Eliminate the overhead of ESB for integration between a pair of tools. Opt for flexible pay-as-you go pricing model. Enjoy minimum maintenance and savings on infrastructure cost. Reduce manual effort for data content validation by providing on-screen side by side comparison. Use intuitive interface to reduce the training and adaptation time.

  • Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform: An Overview

    Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform: An Overview

    Organizations can, thus,utilize the tools they own such as DOORS for Requirement Management , ClearCase for Configuration Management, and Quality Center for Test Management, or can use custom-made, homegrown products to support various application lifecycle phases by integrating them through the enterprise service bus.

  • Kovair ALM Studio An Overview

    Kovair ALM : An Overview

    Complete ALM & PPM solutions in a single offering: Requirements, Test, Defects, Risk, Release, Project & Portfolio Management. 100% Web-based for global access without any client software. Best-practice processes and policy implementation for organizations to be CMMI compliant. Configurable workflow processes and policy engines for routing, reviews and approvals.

  • Kovair Requirements Management : An Overview

    Kovair Requirements Management: An Overview

    Kovair’s implementation of requirements gathering, parsing, management, traceability, base-lining and intelligent reporting in a process-driven methodology enables project teams to effectively manage and track requirements in a collaborative manner.