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About QuickSync

Kovair QuickSync is a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that offers a one stop solution for all the development tools data migration needs for any enterprise.

Being a Windows-based desktop solution, Kovair QuickSync can be installed and used easily and it requires minimum infrastructure and thus lowers the cost.

It not only helps enterprises to migrate the data from one source to one target tool but also helps migrate data from one source to multiple targets. Its intuitive UI makes it easily adaptable to the users.

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Why QuickSync?

  • Highly scalable to enable large volumes of data migrations needs. Multiple setups can be created across multiple hosts.
  • Zero system downtime during migration.
  • Supports synchronization of data post migration to facilitate phase-wise roll out.
  • Migrates records and retains links between artifacts, attachments, comments, and rich text data.
  • Supports migration of automated Test cases in case of testing tool data migration.
  • Provides graphical reports to monitor migration health on an hourly, daily or monthly basis
  • Supports Transformation and Overriding of data.
  • Minimum manual effort for data content validation with on-screen side-by-side comparison.

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Available Pairs

Currently available pairs

  • MICROFOCUS ALM 11 – TFS 2010.1.0.0
  • MICROFOCUS ALM 11 – TFS 2012.1.0.0
  • MICROFOCUS ALM 11 – TFS 2013.1.0.0
  • MICROFOCUS ALM 11 – TFS 2015.1.0.0
  • MICROFOCUS ALM 11.52 – TFS 2013.1.0.0
  • MICROFOCUS ALM 11.52 – TFS 2015.1.0.0
  • MICROFOCUS ALM 12.0 – TFS 2015.1.0.0
  • MICROFOCUS ALM 12 – TFS 2013.1.0.0
  • MICROFOCUS ALM 12.01 – TFS 2017.1.0.0
  • MICROFOCUS ALM 12.2 – TFS 2015.1.0.0
  • MICROFOCUS ALM 12.5 – TFS 2017.1.0.0
  • MICROFOCUS ALM 12.5 – TFS 2015.1.0.0
  • MICROFOCUS ALM 12.60 – TFS2018
  • MICROFOCUS ALM 12.53 – Azure DevOps
Micro Focus to Microsoft TFS
Micro Focus to Azure

With Kovair QuickSync, Confidently Migrate Data
from Microfocus ALM to Azure DevOps

Confidently Migrate Data from Microfocus ALM to Azure DevOps


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