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Kovair PLM-ALM CoE

Highlights of Kovair PLM-ALM CoE

  • Kovair’s PLM-ALM CoE theme is based on the concept “Specialization leads to -> Expert Competency leads to -> Excellence”,that is if synergistically combined together.
  • Kovair’s PLM-ALM CoE fosters specialized competency, where each of the elements and tools across the Smart Connected Product Development Cycle have a critical role to play.
  • Each of the tools in the chain is considered best of the breed in their respective domains and is well equipped for managing complexities in respective specialty areas.
  • Kovair PLM-ALM Integration solution aims to combine the best of PLM and ALM; and other participating enterprise systems like ERP to provide a synergetic, integrated, and connected environment.
  • Kovair Omnibus is an ESB-based Middleware platform that combines the strengths of 110+ enterprise class software development, test, release and deployment solutions, including leading application lifecycle management (ALM) tool vendors and open sources and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools from some of the major vendors through a seamless integration approach to enable Model Based Systems Engineering process across the product lifecycle.
  • Kovair Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) services leverage the strength of each of these best-of-the-breed tools in a synchronized manner across the connected product lifecycle to achieve the end goal of collaboration by implementing the most optimized solution.

Highlights of Kovair PLM-ALM CoE

With a vision to enable Model-based Systems Engineering – MBSE, Kovair’s PLM-ALM Center of Excellence (CoE) focuses on seamless integration between PLM, ALM, and embedded systems tools that can extend the capabilities to downstream areas like ERP, MES and IOT. This helps to address the important aspects of a Smart Connected Product System Lifecycle such as the process, data, and people.

The bill of materials of products today comprises a heterogeneous mix of mechanical, electrical, and embedded systems. With the advent of digital technologies, products now also feature mini computers with lots of IT embedded data that make the functionalities a lot smarter and more intelligent when it comes to consuming and producing Big Data through digital technologies like ALM, PLM, ERP, MES, IOT, cloud computing, mobility, and AI. However, this also gives rise to collaboration complexities that leads to an increased demand for a solution that can handle multidisciplinary data. A complete BOM of a Smart Connected Product includes both Hardware and Software BOMs. All changes happening across the product development need to be managed in an integrated setup and that’s why the integration between ALM and PLM, the two upstream enterprise systems, is so important.

Kovair's PLM-ALM CoE

Apart from PLM and ALM, there are many participating enterprise systems that play an important role for enabling MBSE adoption. Such as:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Project, Program and Portfolio Management (PPM)
  • Design tools like IDE, MCAD, ECAD, EDA
  • Analysis tools like CAE and Simulation
  • Various Testing and Automation tools
  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Service Lifecycle Management (SLM)
  • Platforms to enable Internet of Things (IOT)

Immediate Business Benefits of PLM-ALM CoE

Kovair’s PLM-ALM CoE offers the following value proposition and services including expert consulting to its customers:

  • Efficient handling of integrations complexity that improves the engineering productivity across software and product lifecycle for smart and connected products.
  • Management of multidisciplinary data through seamless integration and synchronization to offer software engineering data and heterogenous BOM management capabilities that are holistic in nature.
  • Successful program management and improved quality through cross tools traceability across the lifecycle.
  • Efficient process management of closed loop systems like change and configuration management, to reduce process complexity, especially when multiple specialized tools are involved in a product development.
  • Searchability of cross tools in a multi-disciplinary data environment that reduces non-value-added activities like finding the appropriate part or product or software-related data while looking for a reference design or for BOM comparisons.

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Kovair PLM-ALM Partnerships


Kovair Software has a strategic partnership agreement with PTC ( — one of the major global Regional Service Providers in PLM Software. Kovair with its significant experience in the ALM (application lifecycle management) domain and with its robust range of products such as ALM Studio, Omnibus Integrations, DevOps, Data Lake is entering the growing domain of ALM PLM integrations and implementations.

The partnership with Kovair will help PTC to obtain significant number of benefits. Kovair already has a vast integration portfolio for 110+ software Requirements, Development, Test, SCM, Release and Deployment Management as well as CRM and ITSM tools. The numbers are on the rise as more and more systems (both hardware and software) get introduced in the automotive, medical, and industrial markets.

Through the strategic partnership with PTC, Kovair enters the PLM Services domain and will be providing Product Lifecycle Management consulting and implementation services to companies, using PTC’s flagship Windchill PLM platform. This partnership entitles Kovair to offer discrete manufacturing companies a suite of PLM services that will also include Assessment Consulting, Green & Brown Field Implementations, Turn-key Integrations with a host of enterprise applications, Upgrades, Migrations, Customization and Support Services using PTC’s Windchill PLM product suite.

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