Kovair Project Portfolio Management

Optimize your project portfolios, balance capacity against demand, and link plans and resources to project execution.

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What is Kovair Project Portfolio Management – PPM

Kovair PPM is a one stop solution that provides a unified platform to manage budget, schedule, resources, and actuals through a single interface. Kovair PPM deliver greater value to the organization by connecting planning to execution. It enables IT leaders to optimize their project portfolios, manage the capacity of resources against the demands raised from different projects, and connects plans and resources to the actual project execution. Using Kovair PPM, organizations can define strategic initiatives to portfolio to projects to their outcomes. It allows to define strategic initiatives, choose the relevant projects for execution, provide deeper insights into development, projects and programs by generating EVMs at all levels, providing valuable inputs to the management, enabling them in making data-oriented decisions.

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Highlights of Kovair PPM

Ensure PMO success

Manage your entire project portfolio collaboratively over a browser-based centralized interface.

Manage Resources

Manage effective utilization and prioritization of resources through capacity planning, scheduling and time tracking.

Monitor triple constraints

Monitor and control triple constraints of cost, time, and resources with real-time reports & dashboards.

Empower teams

Empower teams with configurable platform to manage multiple projects using different execution methodology.

Align with Business strategy

Select your projects through multi-level approval workflow to keep them aligned with the business strategy.

Increase agility

Single platform to manage projects using lean, scrum or hybrid methodologies with DevOps for faster delivery with quality.

Immediate Business Benefits

  • Gain complete control on your portfolio through real-time tracking of time, costs, resources, project deliverables, and quality.
  • Allocate resources balancing project demands with available capacity by simulating multiple scenarios and project priority.
  • Utilize resources efficiently through complete visibility of their assignments and time tracking.
  • Achieve regulatory compliance easily through custom workflows, end-to-end traceability, complete audit trail, versioning, baseline, and custom template-based word documents generated from the application.
  • Ensure high value delivery with quality by empowering teams with flexible platform to execute their projects using the tools and processes of their choice.
  • Manage costs and increase ROI through complete visibility of planned vs actual vs projected costs of every project in the portfolio.

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Major Capabilities

Program and Portfolio Management

Align your programs with organization strategies. Use program management module to define delivery timeframes, key milestones, release dates, and communicate across the organization. Define the initial budgeted cost, benefits and then adjust them based on the bottom-up project actuals. Some key capabilities of this module are:

  • Program planning
  • Tracking program timeline
  • Defining the budget for the program
  • Tracking the budget based on actuals
  • Prioritizing projects to keep the program aligned with business strategy
PPM Dashboard Page
PPM Dashboard Page
PPM Dashboard Page

Capacity Planning, Demand & Resource Management

Proper allocation of resources is a key factor for success of any organization as it helps organizations to maximize the time and value of resources. Kovair PPM comes with built-in resource forecasting capability based on the project plans created by the managers.

Capacity Planning, Demand & Resource Management

Consolidated views showing supply vs demand vs capacity not only helps in identifying over-allocation of resources but also helps in identifying under utilized resources. This information along with project priority helps resource managers to allocate right resources in right time to the right project.

Capacity Planning, Demand & Resource Management

Time- Tracking

Users can track their times in Kovair using the timesheet module of Kovair. Once they capture their times, the actuals can be viewed against the planned hours and resource productivity as well as any delay can be seen in a real-time manner.

Time- Tracking
Time- Tracking

Managing Project Ideas & Proposals

For each program in an organization, there floats multiple project ideas for building the project pipeline and satisfy customer needs. Kovair’s PPM provides an intuitive and collaborative platform to capture and manage different ideas and the process for taking it to the actual projects.

Business Case: The idea and proposal management piece of Kovair allows organizations to capture different project ideas from different stakeholders. Once these ideas are captured, Kovair’s PPM allows organizations to take all submitted Ideas through a Task based workflow for approval by the respective reviewers and collecting feedback. Approved Ideas can be assigned to specific Portfolios by evaluating and aligning its objectives with the strategic initiatives of the Portfolios.

Once an idea gets approved, proposals can be created against the idea along with resource and budget requirements.

Managing Project Ideas & Proposals

Managing Proposals

With respect to an Idea, prepare a Proposal with high level scope definition, resource requirements and cost estimates about the Project without scheduling out a detailed project plan. All submitted Proposals are routed through a Task based workflow for approval by the reviewers from five different aspects – Technical, Economical, Legal, Operational and Schedule. Each of the groups evaluate the Proposal from their perspective and provide their individual approval and feedback. Studying all inputs, the Portfolio manager finally provides his approval.

Managing Proposals

Ensure PMO Success

Kovair PPM comes with Integrated Project Management capabilities ensuring PMO Success. Starting from project initiation to project closure, all the activities can be managed using Kovair PPM. Organizations can track project performances using EVM metrics and roll it up to the program level for better analysis of program health.

Managing Proposals

Some key capabilities of Kovair PPM on project management includes:

  • Collaborative environment
  • Task-Based workflow for better governance
  • Capturing and managing different risks related to the projects
  • Mouse-click configurable platform enabling execution of projects using different methodologies like
    • Waterfall
    • Agile – Kanban
    • Agile – Scrum
    • Hybrid


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