Why Choose Kovair

Your Trusted ALM Partner

Kovair Integrated ALM provides you a centralized web based integrated platform that helps you in having an end-to-end visibility on the entire application or product development. The stakeholders while remaining in their existing external tools can still collaborate in a real-time manner. This helps organizations to make the development process faster with better quality.

icon High Level Architecture

High Level Architecture

Kovair delivers custom configured solutions or pre-configured out of the box applications like ALM and ITSM. These applications are configured on the Kovair application platform that allows users to replicate their entire lifecycle story in the system.

icon Web based

Web Based Central Repository

Kovair is a 100% web based solution. This allows geographically distributed stakeholders to work on the same source of information and also eliminates the need of any client side installation. It enhances both internal and external collaboration between stakeholders.

icon Multiple Entities

Define Your Objects and Relationships

Kovair does not restrict or forces you to change your way of working and abides by the configuration of the tool you use. With the unique capability of creating different objects and defining the relationships between them, Kovair gives the flexibility of configuring the solution as per your existing working model.

icon Project Management

Project Planning

Do proper project planning and stop possible bottlenecks before it actually happens. With the help of Kovair task scheduler, project calendar, resource availability, and workload it is much easier to plan and control the application development from beginning till end.

icon Relationship Sync

Anytime Anywhere Access

Kovair being a 100% web based solution is accessible anywhere and anytime. It can be accessed from Mobile devices running on Android, iOS and Blackberry.

icon Entity Features

Enriched Collaboration

Kovair has built-in capability of online review by the stakeholders. All the stakeholders can participate in a collaborative review process and ask questions, give their comments and votes for the feature, thus ensuring quality right from the beginning of the project. Being a web based solution; Kovair gives users 24/7 access to the application.

icon Process Automation

Automated Workflow

Kovair’s configurable IT Process Automation System provides a framework to define and follow software processes whether it is a Software Product Development, an eService Project or even Software Maintenance or IT Projects. Its Omniprocess Automation system has all the special features needed for the ALM workflow or the workflows required for software life-cycle management.The built-in graphical workflow designer and powerful workflow engine lets you define and execute processes spanning across multiple tools. Kovair helps in adapting flexible and customizable workflows easily instead of getting forced to follow the configured out-of-the-box workflow.

icon Drag and Drop

Fully Configurable

Kovair does not restrict or force you to change your way of working and abides by the configuration of the tool. With the unique capability of creating different objects and defining the relationships between them, Kovair gives the flexibility of configuring the solution as per your existing working model.Kovair allows you to create business solutions through a codeless procedure that involves only drag and drop configuration. This facility allows you to configure the attributes, layouts, ways of viewing and filtering through simple mouse clicks.

icon Availability

Ensure 100% Uptime

The Kovair system is able to withstand major hardware or software failure without the loss of availability. This also applies during routine maintenance. Outside of planned maintenance, the system must be available 99% of the time when averaged out over the course of a month.

icon Traceability

Ensure End to End Coverage

Kovair allows multiple types of relations, including custom ones, between artifacts, enabling you to create logical links (‘depending’, ‘affecting’, and ‘bi-directional’) between them and view them in a number of visualizing tools. Along with integration it also allows you to establish relationship between cross tool artifacts thus enabling you to view a total end to coverage. Using the relationships between artifacts, Kovair also allows assessing the impact of change before actually implementing it and keeping all the stakeholders in sync with real-time data. It provides you with a methodical and controlled process for managing the changes that inevitably occur during application development.

icon Performance

Count on Performance

In Kovair, Performance criteria have been considered in terms of maximum response times, which are pretty less compared to industry standards. The response times are end-to-end, from the point the request is submitted to the point where the page is substantially loaded such that all the relevant information is in the browser, even if some images or extra information are still downloading.

icon Enterprise Service Bus

Fully Integrated with your existing tools

Kovair Omnibus Integration technology with its SOA based ESB architecture integrates and orchestrates best-of-breed, open source, legacy and homegrown tools.These tools can cater to cross functional domains like ALM, Operations and IT. Kovair has close to 110+ out-of-the-box integrations with leading third-party ALM tools from all major vendors such as IBM Rational, HP, Microsoft, Atlassian, BMC and others. The integration capability of Kovair allows organizations to establish the entire story of ALM, PPM, and DevOps keeping all your tool usage intact.

icon Omnibus Scalability

Scale Up and Scale Down with Ease

The Web Servers hosting the Kovair application and the Omnibus adapters can be placed under a load balancing mechanism thus enhancing the performance while accommodating for a higher number of users. The system has been designed in such a way that there is no dependence on any web server session – hence ensuring that there will be no issues even if consequent requests from the same client reaches different physical servers.

icon Security

Rest Assured with High Level Security

Security and Vulnerability assessment of Kovair web application and Omnibus Adapters have been performed to meet customer expectations. Common security threats have been taken care of while designing and developing the applications. The entire framework can be run on SSL ensuring further security. No confidential information is stored in clear text in any part of the system. The Omnibus integration framework can run under Integrated Windows Security.

icon Dashboard

Cross Tool Metrics

Using Kovair you can generate all the necessary metrics as per the roles and responsibilities of the users. Live real-time dashboards and reports deliver all the key metrics to the stakeholders as and when needed. Kovair supports reports and documents of various kinds using multiple reporting options such as HTML, Excel, Crystal Reports, and Word Reporting.

icon Specification Document

Quality Assurance

Kovair has a full blown capability of Test Management. The test management capability of Kovair helps to manage and execute manual test cases. By using the bi-directional integration of Kovair with tools like Selenium and QTP, Kovair also supports test automation. With these enriched test management, end to end cross tool traceability, real-time collaboration, and metrics for tracking application development progress, Kovair helps organizations to ensure quality right from the time of conception till delivery.

icon Maintainbility


Defects (if found) at the customer end are given highest priority and are delivered in a way that has minimum down-time. Change Requests coming in from the customers are analyzed carefully for impacts before they are incorporated in the system. The design of the application and adapters are layered in such a manner that it is easy to maintain and deliver changes. Only the affected component may be replaced when a bug fix or change request (depending on impacts) is delivered.

icon Change Management

Deepened Change Management

Change is inevitable in today’s world of application development. Kovair provides a much deepened facility of managing change. It allows users to analyze impacts of a change before it actually gets implemented.

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