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Integration is at the heart of Kovair Omnibus, so is its capability to connect with any tool on any technology platform on the go. Kovair Omnibus is ESB based and currently provides value-added integrations with ALM, IT and open source tools from more than 40 vendors. The integration platform is global, vendor-agnostic and technology independent that makes it popular and widely acceptable among any tool-specific vendors.Kovair has been offering integration support to some of the leading technology giants like Microsoft, IBM, HP, BMC, Rally, Salesforce and open source vendors.

If you have developed a tool and your Customers want it to integrate with other 3rd party tools of their choice, we may help. With Omnibus Platform your Customers can easily plug-in and plug-out any tools, anytime and from anywhere, making complex integrations a simple affair. If you believe that your tool users demand a unified and complete development setup, which is of highest priority to any organization today, just fill out the partnership form or write to us at

We will schedule a call with you to understand the tool, its technical specifications and the integration opportunities.

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