Integrated ALM ecosystem by connecting your existing tools

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Tools Integration

Set up Integrated ALM ecosystem by connecting your existing tools. Achieve cross-tool syncing, linking, traceability & reports

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Intelligent DevOps

Leverage the power of integrated tools, automation and analytics to manage the complete Agile/ALM/SDLC development.

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Data Migration Solution

Facilitate rapid migration of all legacy data and synchronization between two tools at lower license and infrastructure cost.

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Integrated ALM

Manage all development functions from Requirements to Release with total Application Lifecycle Management capabilities and 3rd party tools integrations.

Kovair Benefits


  • Align Req., Development and Testing in a single tool
  • Integrate 3rd party tools through Omnibus
  • Achieve quality delivery with end-to-end traceability
  • Deploy macro & micro processes with workflow
  • Adopt new tools & migrate legacy data with QuickSync
  • Use “Your Methods Your Process” with Kovair
  • Achieve program & project mgmt. with PPM hierarchy
  • Implement CI, CD and DevOps
  • Obtain built-in Reports, Dashboards and Analytics
  • Achieve high ROI in short periods
  • Manage multiple projects with single database
  • Improve release predictability with real-time metrics

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