• Codeless Configuration

  • Easy Plug-N-Play Setup

  • End-To-End Traceability

  • Zero Data Loss Migration

  • Enterprise Tools Integration

Why Choose Kovair

Zero Loss Data Synchronization

End-to-end traceability guarantees zero data loss and ensures seamless transition without compromising the integrity and security of your valuable information.

Supports 110+ Tools Integrations

Minimized disruptions, guaranteeing compatibility with your preferred tools across areas of software development like ALM, PPM, CRM, ITSM, ERP and PLM.

Zero Downtime Templatized Migration

Accelerate data migration to facilitate large volumes of data at quicker rates in the background, simultaneously allowing users to use their tools during migration.

Scalable Data Preservation & Integrity

Streamline transition and ensure data fidelity post migration by migrating records, attachments, comments, multiple verities of data and relationships between artifacts.

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Simplify data synchronization
with all-in-one platform

  • OmnibusX

    Seamlessly migrate your data, ensuring effortless success

  • DevOps

    Empower your development processes with mastery & efficiency

  • Kovair ALM

    Elevate your project success by harnessing ALM excellence

  • QuickSyncX

    Achieve smooth data migration, paving the way for triumph

  • Kovair PPM

    Maximize your project outcomes by leveraging PPM precision


    Streamline tools to enhance competitive product development

4 Easy Steps for Data Migration with QuickSyncX

Connect sources and integrate tools

First, install QuickSyncX onto your desktop in order to connect between sources and target tools through the platform. Enter essential information such as the Base URL, User Credentials, and other relevant details.

Establish metadata mapping to streamline data

Create thorough mapping between the sources and destinations. Entity mapping is done along with comprehensive metadata mapping. You can set default values and specify transformations to effortlessly streamline data mapping.

Define specific migration criteria

Establishing the data migration pathways by defining specific migration criteria. Outline all steps and procedures for transferring data effectively and accurately according to defined migration criteria.

Configure and activate migration

Migration tasks are set up to initiate project-specific or entity-specific data migration processes. These tasks can be configured to activate promptly and can be run during non-business hours for optimal efficiency and minimal disruption.

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Top Use Cases

Data Migration from Microfocus ALM to ADO for World Bank Group

For World Bank Group, migrating over 2.2 million records was necessary due to company-wide shifts in internal software development procedures and regulations. They aimed to streamline organizational processes by migrating Microfocus ALM’s existing data to Azure DevOps.Despite migration challenges like data volume, interrelationships, and differing data models, QuickSyncX provided codeless configuration, real-time monitoring, and thorough data validation, ensuring 100% migration completion with zero errors. With this turnkey solution, organizations can confidently navigate complex data migrations, achieving a secure and efficient transition between legacy and modern tools without downtime or data loss.

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Tools Integration and Data Migration Solution for AT&T

AT&T partnered with Kovair for a seamless migration of 3 million data records from Rally and other legacy applications to IBM Jazz CLM tools. Kovair’s hybrid solution, merging QuickSyncX for data migration with OmnibusX for tools integration, tackled various challenges such as data visibility, volume, quality, live data sync, and complex integration. This meticulous approach guaranteed a seamless migration devoid of any downtime, reaping substantial benefits such as significant cost savings, the establishment of a consolidated data repository for comprehensive 360-degree reporting, heightened business intelligence, and optimized operational efficacy.

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Efficient Data Migration from Jira Zephyr to ADO for EzFacility

EzFacility is a fitness management software company, known for its cloud-based solutions, was in need of migrating test artifacts from Jira Zephyr to Azure DevOps. For easy installation, consistent migration logic, and cost-effective benefits, QuickSyncX was the perfect solution. Thousands of test cases and steps were migrated ‘AS IS’ from Jira to Azure DevOps, where attribute values and test folder hierarchy were maintained accurately. It also established links between test cases and existing bugs in Azure DevOps post-migration, ensuring traceability and data integrity. QuickSyncX efficiently handled test script migration, execution results, and real-time monitoring for a successful migration.

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