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What is Kovair Omnibus

Kovair Omnibus is an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) platform that seamlessly connects applications and data using SOA Architecture.

Software teams are using multiple tools that are considered to be best of the breed but unfortunately most of them work in silos without sharing data in real time. Kovair Omnibus enables you to connect 110+ applications so that you can create a unified and highly productive development environment. This helps organizations to achieve cross-team and cross-tool collaboration across disparate systems.

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Key Highlights of Kovair Omnibus

  • Omnibus provides comprehensive and cost-effective means of transferring synchronized data along with a full context.  
  • Achieve a seamless integrated data and execution flow without replacing your current tools.
  • Manage end-to-end traceability from Requirements to Code to Testing and Delivery ensuring compliance.
  • Avoid complex and expensive tools integrations.
  • Overcome the limitation of existing point-to-point and single vendor integrations.
  • Implement OSLC-based integration between IBM Jazz tools like RRC, RTC, RQM and non-OSLC tools like QC, JIRA, TFS and SharePoint.
  • Centralize configuration of integration between tools deployed for production.
  • Ensure zero error and zero-loss data synchronization between tools.
  • Connect all your teams and create a collaborative environment for better quality delivery.
  • Stay updated with real-time metrics and traceability based on cross tool data.

Immediate Business Benefits

  • Create and manage Traceability relationships between artifacts from multiple pairs of tools. 
  • Kovair Omnibus Provides rich collaboration among cross-functional teams. 
  • Discover a built-in process automation capability (Omniprocess Workflow Automation engine) with cross tools for a transparent no-overhead implementation with a much larger success potential. 
  • Create and manage integration business rules independent of the individual tool adapters.
  • Create dashboard metrics and reports based on real-time data collected to gain valuable insights about the whole cross-tool process.
  • Omnibus provides data synchronization between tools along with full context output to improve productivity.

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Why Kovair Omnibus

Customize as per the requirements by linking and synching
Kovair Omnibus provides the unique ability to Sync and Link with artifacts from different tools based on the demands of the business use case.
Plug in and plug out adapters into the ecosystem as and when required
Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform is based on Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architecture. While the “bus” concept decouples applications from each other, the adapter is responsible for talking to the backend application and transforming data from the application format into the bus format.
Support industry standard SOA protocol for WS Communication
Kovair Omnibus architecture has a key architecture that allows business agility and scalability. Data in an ESB are generally Stateless. Omnibus has the mechanism to call all the connected adapters and transfer the data in standard XML format. It also has a cloud-based integration facility with implementation support across geographies.
Kovair Omnibus can integrate any SaaS or Cloud-based Application. Omnibus is Cloud compatible. That is, it is compatible Cloud to Cloud, Cloud to On-Premise, and On-Premise to On-Premise. It can also support any Hybrid Cloud environment, where cloud as well as on-premise applications / tools need to be integrated.
Complete web-based configuration without client footprint
Kovair Omnibus offers a web-based, visual drag-and-drop interface to define attribute mapping, integration flows, user and relationship mapping. Customers can easily access this using standard browser and customize the configurations as per their integration requirement.
Total control of integration dataflow from central orchestration
Kovair Omnibus augments integrated tools’ capabilities with Workflow. It helps to set up and automate an end-to-end process across the tools. Customers can exactly control the movement of data from one tool to one or more tools based on conditions set as per the specific business requirements.
Deploy enterprise level ESB framework that is scalable
Kovair Omnibus offers performance, enterprise class scalability, reliability, and availability to handle millions of synchronizations and thousands of users. Omnibus has built-in message queues at several levels to ensure reliable transport of data between tools.
Gain end-to-end traceability across heterogenous tools
Kovair Omnibus’s central framework allows creating and managing Traceability relationships between artifacts from multiple pairs of tools. Achieving this approach with Point-to-point integration is not possible, where without a central framework, only two tools are integrated at a time. Moreover, due to its flexibility in relationship management, Kovair Omnibus promotes multi-tool proactive and reactive change impact analysis.

Support for OSLC linking as per OSLC specifications
Kovair has an OSLC wrapper around its Omnibus that enables non-OSLC tools already connected to the Omnibus, to be exposed as “OSLC Service Providers”. With this feature, organizations using IBM Jazz-based Rational tools like RTC, DOORS Next Gen, and RQM can quickly establish links with tools like JIRA, SharePoint and TFS.
Incorporate data validation at each level during integration
Kovair Omnibus supports data validation for correct structure and format. This allows only compatible data types to be mapped and enables customers to resolve any differences in length, size, precision, format so that they can maintain proper data integrity.
Integrate relations between artifacts across tools
Kovair Omnibus facilitates linked data to be transferred along with normal data synchronization. This helps to set up an end-to-end traceability and context-driven information set.
Generate cross-tool reports and useful metrics and monitoring dashboard
Kovair Omnibus enables data from different tools to be optionally collected from within its own repository to generate cross-tools consolidated reporting and monitoring dashboard. This leads to discovering meaningful metrics out of the information hidden in siloed tools that helps customers to make better and timely decisions.
Support for plug-ins for all standard IDEs like Eclipse and VSTS
Kovair Omnibus allows supported IDE tool to publish its presentation UIs for operations like Add/Update/Delete along with front-end and client-side business rules. This enables other tools to embed these UIs within their own client-side / desktop interfaces and let users interact. For example, Kovair Eclipse Plug-in allows users to get “Jira bugs” for Add/Update/Delete forms” from within the Eclipse or Visual Studio IDE.
Proactive integrity checking at various tiers of Omnibus
Kovair Omnibus supports proactive integrity checking for information synchronization between different tools. This helps to identify any kind of inconsistencies in synchronization between tools and then resolve those through re-sync capabilities.
Feature-ready ESB framework to scale up Tool Extensibility
Kovair Omnibus makes it very easy to add COTs, open source, and homegrown tools into the integrated ecosystem of tools. The new tool adapter needs to be registered to the Integration bus and the tool immediately gets connected to the rest of the tools within the system.
Multi-tool Routing for Automatic control of data flow movement between tools
Kovair Omnibus supports advanced and intelligent information routing through an easy visual interface. Customers can exactly control the movement of data from one tool to another tool or to multiple tools based on conditions set as per the specific business or development requirements.

Pick from Our 110+ Tools Integrations

Our integration suite consists of tools of various technologies from all phases of the Application Lifecycle, DevOps, and migrations.

Tools Integration

Adapter/connector details and datasheets

Highlights of Kovair Omnibus

Requirements Management Tools Integrations
  • Let requirements or user stories become the integral part of entire lifecycle across multiple teams.
  • Connect your requirements management system to other development, testing, delivery and operations tools.

IDE and Code Analysis Tools Integrations
  • Get direct access to requirements, designs, test cases, tasks, and defects in different ALM tools without leaving your preferred IDE.
  • Analyze code quality before check-in directly from the application.

Configuration and Source Code Management Tools Integrations
  • Synchronize source code management system with other ALM tools.
  • Manage change requests, test cases, defects, requirements, and builds in a collaborative system.
  • Get direct access to SCM artifacts like change sets, file versions from other lifecycle tools.

Build Management Tools Integrations

Test Management Tools Integrations
  • Integrate your test tool data with requirements, defects, and release tracking systems.
  • Collaborate on issues with developers, business analysts and project managers to accelerate delivery with quality.

Defect Management Tools Integrations
  • Connect your defect tracking system to other test management and project planning tools.
  • Identify defects early in the lifecycle, escalate defect resolution automatically and give real-time updates.

IT Service Management Tools Integrations
  • Sync any of your ITSM tools with software development and delivery tools.
  • Engage in real-time collaboration with developers.
  • Improve Help desk operations by providing continuous updates to customers.

Project and Portfolio Management Tools Integrations
  • Connect your project and portfolio management tools with other lifecycle tool systems.
  • Gain total visibility into portfolio, programs, projects and individual work items of PPM tools from other development tools through integrations.

Agile Project Management Tools Integrations
  • Align project plans and execution with day-to-day development activities and progress performance.
  • Integrate agile project planning tools with rest of the software lifecycle tools.

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