Omnibus – ALM Integration Platform

Unify Your Development Setup by Integrating with tools from Microsoft, IBM, HP, Rally, Atlassian, BMC, CA and more vendors.

Kovair’s Omnibus Integration Platform works on Enterprise Service Bus – ESB model and allows integration of vendor-specific and Open source tools by using Kovair Integration Adapters and Plug-ins. Kovair has almost ~70 out-of-the-box integrations with leading third-party tools. One can also configure Omnibus adapters as per tool specifications.

Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform LogoKovair Omnibus creates an Integrated/Synchronized ALM environment for software development teams across the application lifecycle stages. This ensures seamless data flow across tools, cross-lifecycle transparency, macro and micro-level process automation, correspondence of activities across disciplines and live cross-tool metrics using Reports and Dashboards – improving quality and productivity of software project stakeholders.



~70 ALM & Cross Domain Tool Integrations


The breadth of Kovair’s integration capabilities sets it apart from other vendors in the integration space. Kovair provides customers with an option to mix and blend different flavors of integration technologies – federation, synchronization and linking, making sure that they always get the integration their project demands. However complex the integration use case is, Kovair can implement the same. The robust multi-level reliability mechanisms in Kovair Omnibus ensure zero error synchronization among ALM and IT tools. We are confident that choosing Kovair will provide you with better technology and capabilities that are very unique to Kovair.

Kovair Omnibus does not advocate replacing tried and tested tools with the new ones. Instead, it helps organizations to maximize the value of the existing tools in their ecosystem.

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