Enterprise Tools Integration and Data Synchronization

Achieve interoperability between tools, processes and people by integrating tools and applications of your choice.


What is Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform

Kovair Omnibus is an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) platform for better collaboration, tools interoperability, increased agility, and unified product delivery. An enterprise service bus platform is very critical for organizations trying to achieve or improve agility.

  • Kovair Omnibus offers support of 110+ tools integrations across areas of ALM, PPM, CRM, ITSM, ERP and PLM.
  • Kovair Omnibus helps organizations establish a seamless collaboration platform.
  • Organizations achieve visibility, development efficiency and value stream management through data synchronization between integrated tools.
  • Kovair Omnibus ensures increased delivery efficiency, thus reducing time to market.

Highlights of Kovair Omnibus

Codeless Configuration of Integration

Achieve an integrated ecosystem by connecting tools with simple mouse-click configurations through a browser-based interface.

Easy Plug-n-play Setup

Integrate your tools in a plug-n-play manner easily in few minutes with mouse click configuration.

End-to-end Traceability

Achieve complete visibility of the project with end-to-end traceability, established using cross tool data.

Guaranteed Data Synchronization

Built-in disaster recovery mechanism to ensure guaranteed data synchronization with zero data loss.

Integrate tools across boundaries

Connect tools across any network boundary, private or public cloud easily.

Real-time Metrics

Ensure timely and high-quality delivery through real-time metrics and dashboards using cross tool data.

Pick from Our 110+ Tools and Applications Integrations

Our integration suite consists of tools of various technologies from all phasesof the Application Lifecycle, DevOps, and migrations.
Tools Integration

Popular Integrations We Support

We help you extend capabilities of your essential enterprise tools and platforms by offering a POWERFUL INTEGRATION with 110+ systems in the ALM, DevOps, IT Service Management (ITSM) and CRM ecosystem. Kovair Omnibus’ integration capability encompasses all phases of the software development and delivery lifecycle.

Why Kovair Omnibus

The ever-changing software development and delivery value stream consist of best-of-breed, modern, and homegrown tools. Today’s businesses need a solution that can cater to the problem of heterogeneous IT landscapes by providing an agile integration solution that can put their entire value stream on a track towards digital transformation.

With Kovair Omnibus, get an enterprise grade integration solution which can connect and integrate any application in your software delivery value stream, from planning to monitoring and every application in between. It is a powerful yet simple to use integration platform, unifies and integrates data from multiple sources, and makes it instantly available to all stakeholders in their preferred systems in real-time. Reduce the risk of errors as well as response time.

Why Kovair Omnibus graphics

Synchronization Health Report from Omnibus

Omnibus Health Report

Cross Tool Traceability Report

Traceability View

Cross Tool Report – Requirements from RDNG are covered with Tests from Microfocus ALM

Cross Tool Report

Trend Report on Code Commit in GitHub

Trend Report on Code Commit in GitHub

Sync Monitor

Sync Monitor


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