Connected Enterprise Interoperability

Kovair enables Digital Transformation in manufacturing industries to achieve their Connected Enterprise vision by establishing truly Interoperable systems by leveraging its Omnibus backbone!!!




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Kovair’s Solution for a Connected Enterprise!!!

Accelerate product development to lead the market profitably by optimizing costs. improve productivity, quality & customer Satisfaction using Kovair Interoperability Solution…

  • Collaboration – Accelerate time to market using Kovair’s Enterprise Interoperability through effective product lifecycle collaboration!
  • Traceability – Manage regulatory compliance by connecting cross functional artifacts like product records with test results through End-to-End Traceability
  • BOM Transformation – Establish BOM transformation using Kovair’s connected enterprise interoperability between MBSE-PLM-ERP systems to improve productivity
  • Variant Configuration – Generate dynamic variant configurations of heterogenous engineering data across smart connected product lifecycle
  • Closed Loop Process – Develop smart connected product concurrently using Kovair’s Enterprise Interoperability closed loop process management platform connecting people, data and process
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Today’s Enterprise System Landscape – Kovair’s Perspective

Kovair’s Enterprise Interoperability solution offers

Connected Digital Thread of People, Process, Data across – Product Development, Process Engineering, Program & Project Management, Quality & Manufacturing!!!

Enterprise System Landscape

Need for Enterprise Systems Interoperability

CollaborationDifficulty in communicating across departments for execution of systems engineering process.Silos of distributed data among different engineering disciplines.
Data ManagementInability to maintain updated versions of data across the SCP development.Lack of data synchronization across enterprise tools.
Data Visualization / Decision MakingNo easy way to compare BOM / Design data iterations across different disciplines.
  • Software BOM might be in ALMs,
  • Hardware is distributed in PLMs, PDMs,
  • Electrical and Electronics data might be in local folders
Program/Project ManagementTracking the status of a project progress such as who is working on which deliverable across domains is a major issue.
  • Lack of dynamic project progress.
  • Data availability at one place.
Data GovernanceInability to exercise streamlined access control with multiple stakeholders involved across various functions throughout the SCP product development.User synchronization and role mapping across different tools could be a challenge
TraceabilityTracking defect failure across the product lifecycle from Requirement to Release and conducting root cause analysis for troubleshooting could be a nightmare
  • SW / HW data processes are distributed and failure could be caused by an individual or simultaneously by both.
  • Lack of unified data visualization makes it difficult to identify the root cause

Use Case1: Multiple ALM – MBSE – Multiple CAD – Multiple PLM

Use Case1: Multiple ALM – MBSE – Multiple CAD – Multiple PLM

Use Case 2: PLM-ERP Integration

Use Case 2: PLM-ERP Integration

Use Case 3: PLM-ERP Integration for Change Management

Use Case 3: PLM-ERP Integration for Change Management

Use Case 4: ALM-PLM-MBSE Integration

Use Case 4: ALM-PLM-MBSE Integration

PLM Implementation

  • Data Standardization (Migration or Integration)
  • Process Standardization (e.g. — closed loop multi-system change management)
  • Part Standardization (multidisciplinary data management through multi-CAD/ALM-PLM-ERP-Integration)
  • BOM Standardization — Integrated e/m BOM structure for software and hardware (Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical)
  • Numbering standardization (identity management is a very critical element for successful organizational change management or successful PLM implementation for handling legacy numbering/methods)

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