Category: Resellers and Service Providers

Find Kovair product resellers and service providers from India, United Kingdom, North America, California, Middle East, Israel and China.

Deutscher Mittelstand Ltd

“Deutscher Mittelstand Ltd” is a company – located in Hongkong and Germany – servicing customers in strategic and operational fields.

Assioma – Italy


Kovair partner provides services to IT companies for effective governance of application quality through troubleshooting, analysis, and prevention of software quality issues.

Inaya Technologies

Inaya Kovair Technology Partner

Kovair partner Inaya Technologies is a leading technology solution provider for embedded technologies.

Project Remedies – California

Project Remedies

Kovair partner Project Remedies Inc. provides high quality Remedy AR software to it’s customers.They offer Project , Program , Demand Cost Resource, and Time Management Systems.

Manageware – Israel


Kovair partner Manageware’s solutions include R&D Process Assessment, Process Definition and Automation, Tools integration, Metrics and performance measurement.