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What is Kovair Requirements Management

Overcome all communication related challenges while managing requirements. Review, discuss, decide, and stay connected throughout requirements planning to implementation stage.

Collaborative Requirements Management

As project goals and deliverables are shared by diverse team members, proper collaboration among each is a necessity to manage Requirements locally or globally. Now allow globally distributed teams to collaborate on requirement artifacts real-time across disparate multi-vendor tools.
  • Overcome all the communication related challenges for a product delivery and empower everyone with the insight of the progress of the delivery.
  • View functional coverage of Business Requirements, Test Coverage of Functional Requirements, and Use Case Coverage of Business Requirements to demonstrate regulatory compliance and ensure quality output.
  • Use the coverage reports to identify gaps throughout the lifecycle and take corrective actions accordingly.

Introducing Kovair Requirements Management

Kovair’s rich implementation of requirements gathering, parsing, management, traceability, base lining and intelligent reporting in a process-driven methodology enables project teams to effectively manage and map requirements.

Kovair also helps to track coverage and relationships between requirements, use cases, test cases, defects and other related items of ALM to demonstrate compliance and assure quality of the delivery.

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Elicitation ❯ Analysis ❯ Specification ❯ Traceability ❯ Reporting

Our Requirements Management system supports everything.

Why Kovair Requirements Management

  • 100% Web-based for global access without any client software.
  • Multiple input capturing methods: Direct Entry, MS Word, MS Excel, CSV File and 3rd party tools.
  • Discuss, track and manage everything of a requirement in one central place
  • Advanced level parsing of word documents – extract proper requirements from necessary sections.
  • Collaborative review process for joint reviews and detecting early errors
  • Capture and model your Requirements in two different steps
  • Capability of generating word reports compliant to different standards
  • Understand the “Who, What, When and Why” of changes.
  • End-to-end traceability ensuring functional, test and other coverage.
  • Perform well controlled change management with version history.
  • Task Based Process Engine with graphical drag and drop designer to support any workflow or methodology.
  • Enterprise wide reuse of artifacts to reduce errors and re-work.
  • Proprietary Kovair Omnibus Integration engine for connecting multi-vendor or open source ALM tools
  • Define and manage relationships between artifacts

Develop a Unified Requirements Management system

Perform Requirements Management processes in an integrated tools environment. Integrate requirement artifacts with other ALM functions such as design, coding, Testing and defect tracking. Kovair’s ESB based Omnibus Integration Platform allows integrations with more than 70 tools from various IT, ALM and open source vendors. Learn more ❯
Integrated Requirements Management Platform

Define and capture Requirements with ease

Import requirements from Word documents using either the add-in technology of Kovair or by uploading documents directly into the application. Import everything including text, hierarchy, graphics, and even comments. The built-in word import feature also allows parsing of records using different parsing logics. Learn more ❯

Organize Requirements in a central repository

Get the feel of working in MS Word with document view. Get Spreadsheet like view for sorting and batch operations. Apply various filters for searching items based on attribute values. Store comments and attachments along with requirements in a single place. Prioritize requirements, assign them to respective stakeholders, generate engineering responses, validate and track requirements coverage all in a single system. There are more to discover… Explore all benefits ❯
Requirements Document view

Create Requirements models

Represent requirements in the most suitable business format by drawing and embedding different types of diagrams such as Use Case Diagrams, UML Diagrams, Flow Charts, UI Mockups, BPMN Diagrams, and Generic Diagrams. Learn more ❯
Built In Modeling Diagram Editor

Detail out Requirements to any specifications

Break down Requirements into use cases. Define custom attributes and artifacts to detail out requirements as per business needs. Generate specification document compliant to different standards using the add-in component of Kovair for MS Word.
Adding Custom attributes

Review Requirements in collaboration

Bring all stakeholders together to review, discuss, and decide on approved requirements. Initiate and participate in ad hoc discussion threads and accelerate decision making cycle. Subscribe to daily or weekly digest and get notified on any change to requirements based on various feedbacks. Share contextual information about software specs. Learn more ❯

Validate, verify and test with Traceability

View traceability diagram and relation matrix to ensure every requirement, system and components specifications have been covered and tested. Define relationships b/n requirements and other lifecycle data. Configure and customize your traceability diagrams. Create, maintain, relate, validate and verify product specifications in a single place. Learn more ❯

Automate Requirements Management workflow

Use Task based workflow in contrast to State based workflow. Facilitate complete automation of Requirements Management workflow through built-in Omniprocess Workflow Engine of Kovair. Draw and define multiple independent processes at different levels through visual drag and drop designer.
Task Based Workflow

Reuse Requirements to save time and effort

Keep requirements synchronized and in context, along with changes, comments, referred items and other related information. Reuse requirements across projects through branching and cloning. Relate and link cloned requirements with other artifacts. Merge changes of a particular branch of requirements to the main trunk. Learn more ❯
After Cloning

Maintain Version and Change history for audits

Compare two versions of requirements side by side, as well as rollback as and when needed. Reconstruct requirements from previous version. Maintain change history of different attributes of requirements and get answers to audit related queries for a change like who, what and when. Learn more ❯
Change History

Monitor Requirements implementation progress

Use flexible and configurable dashboards with different types of graphical and textual reports to display all the key metrics and deviations. Monitor progress reports and take corrective actions if needed at a much earlier stage.
Trend Report Showing Submission Vs Approval Vs Completion

We help best companies do better

Kovair was better able to meet our current and projected future needs based on our thorough evaluations of multiple solutions over the past several months” -G Jesu Naveen, Senior Manager-Quality Assurance
Kovair tools will help us in improving the requirements management process for hardware/software development and systems engineering while improving both, the efficiency and quality of the products we deliver to our end-customers -Kasyap Reddy, Exec. Director.Medha Servo Drives

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