Requirements Management

Kovair’s Requirements Management solution provides a rich, configurable and global platform for capturing a set of Product Requirements; collaborating on their development; and tracing implementation back to the original specs. 

Kovair ALM Studio LogoAs project goals and deliverables are shared by diverse team members (customers, analysts, software architects and designers), proper collaboration among each is a necessity to manage Requirements locally or globally.

Kovair’s rich implementation of requirements process i.e. gathering, parsing, management, traceability, base lining and intelligent reporting in a process-driven methodology enables project teams to effectively manage and map requirements. Kovair supports Requirements Management Project of many flavors – Standard as well as Proprietary methodologies or processes.


End to End Requirements Management Solutions

  • Capture artifacts from different source of inputs – Direct Entry, MS Word, MS Excel, CSV file and 3rd Party toolsKovair Requirements Management Process
  • Discuss, track and manage everything in one central place
  • Avail enterprise wide online collaboration
  • Take part in collaborative review process for joint reviews and detect early errors
  • Represent the requirements in diagrammatic format
  • Connect to multi-vendor or Open Source ALM Tools through proprietary Kovair Omnibus Engine
  • Connect everything together through bidirectional traceability and impact analysis
  • Do well-controlled change management with version history and change history
  • Take advantage of Enterprise Reusability to reduce errors and re-work
  • Automate processes and eliminate manual handoffs to improve productivity and quality
  • Generate Word Reports compliant to different standards
  • Provide real-time status and metrics to stakeholders across the organization allowing them to be in sync
  • Integrate with vendor-agnostic ALM, IT and open source tools for different ALM functions



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