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Download Kovair White Papers and read these resource documents to enhance your product and domain knowledge about application lifecycle management.


Best Practices for Integrating Applications Development

  Download eCopy Introduction Enterprise application integration remains an age-old challenge for software product and project development. The emergence of new technologies for hosting infrastructure, platform, and software across locations, including on-premise, managed, and cloud-based data centers make integration process even more demanding and complicated. The traditional application integration approaches do not meet the challenges of […]


Risk Management

  Download eCopy Project Risk A Project Risk is an uncertain event or condition that can have a positive or negative impact on the project. It has an effect on at least one project objective where objectives can include Scope, Schedule, Cost, and Quality. A Risk may have one or more causes, and if it occurs, […]


Overview of the Kovair Agile Solution

  Download eCopy Introduction Kovair Agile Solution is an implementation of Agile based on SCRUM methodology using Kovair Platform. Kovair has extended SCRUM methodology to implement various tools necessary to implement Agile in a distributed development scenario. One major differentiator of Kovair Agile Solution from some other Agile products from other vendors is its configurability – […]


Scalable Software Delivery Through Integrated Agile ALM

  Download eCopy Introduction The unprecedented level of success of Agile methods is causing a wide range of organizations to apply Agile techniques on large project teams with hundreds of people, often geographically distributed, in various environments and various complex situations that involve regulatory compliance, external partners, etc. Agile is getting pushed beyond the small, co-located […]

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