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Download the Kovair ALM White Papers and read these resource documents to enhance your product and domain knowledge about application lifecycle management.

Process Tool Selection Guidelines

  Download eCopy Introduction This article discusses Process tools for Software Development and IT Management and what are the major functionalities, one should look for in such tools. There are not many tools which can be categorized as pure-play software development process management tools. Most of the process tools are included as part of the development […]


Kovair Value Proposition for Tools Integration

  Download eCopy Introduction Kovair, a technology leader in the domain of Integrated Applications Lifecycle Management – ALM offers several solutions such as Requirements Management, Test Management, Issues and Change Management. Kovair is known for its following four technology value propositions, no matter what specific application or solution you want to build with it. 100% web […]

Kovair Plug-in for Eclipse Development Environment

  Download eCopy Introduction Eclipse is known as an industry’s leading Open Source platform for Java based software development. Eclipse as an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is mostly used by the developers. Today, with the growing involvements of multiple stakeholders in almost all phases of software development lifecycle, attaining collaborative development environment has become a mandate […]

58 Questions for a Requirement Management Tool

  Download eCopy Defining Requirements How do you add a Requirement to Kovair? In Kovair, you can define and add Requirement in the following ways: Using Rich Text Editor: The formatting includes font, color, table, bullets, numbering, and embedded images. Multiple Undo-Redo, adding symbols and embedded links to other Requirements are possible in Kovair. Additional Rich […]

10 Benefits of Integrated ALM

    Download eCopy Introduction Application development organizations spend millions of dollars a year on a multitude of siloed point function tools encompassing requirement management, design/architecture management, coding, configuration management, build, testing, defect tracking, release management, and more. These tools live in isolation which makes users rely mostly on traditional and broken manual procedures while synchronizing […]

3 Approaches for Integrated ALM – A Case for ALM Platform

  Download eCopy Different Approaches for Integrated ALM To address the challenges of Integrated ALM and to achieve at least some of the goals, different tool vendors have taken different strategies, which can be broadly categorized in the three alternative approaches. Approach #1: Point-to-point Integrated Multi-Vendor Tools Traditionally the individual vendors have tried to achieve modicum […]

Integrated Project Management by Kovair

  Download eCopy Executive Summary According to the PMBOK definition “A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to accomplish a unique product or service with a defined start and end point and specific objectives that, when attained, signify completion”. By the year 1990 onwards almost every industry started the practice of project management to overcome the […]

Requirements Collaborations and Reusability with Kovair ALM Studio

  Download eCopy Introduction In a distributed software and systems development project, Requirements Management plays a critical role in ultimate success of the project. For an efficient and optimal management of Requirements, a fully functional Requirements Management tool is not just a necessity; it can be a life saver. Using documents and spreadsheets often is an […]

Achieve High ROI from Integrated ALM with the Kovair Omnibus Platform

    Download eCopy Introduction Kovair with its ALM Studio – an Application Lifecycle Management product and Omnibus Integration tool- an SOA architected Enterprise Service Bus helps organizations to build up an integrated ALM environment using their existing tools used for different development phases. Kovair acts as a central repository for multiple data systems that allows […]

Best Practices for Integrating Applications Development

  Download eCopy Introduction Enterprise application integration remains an age-old challenge for software product and project development. The emergence of new technologies for hosting infrastructure, platform, and software across locations, including on-premise, managed, and cloud-based data centers make integration process even more demanding and complicated. The traditional application integration approaches do not meet the challenges of […]

Risk Management

  Download eCopy Project Risk A Project Risk is an uncertain event or condition that can have a positive or negative impact on the project. It has an effect on at least one project objective where objectives can include Scope, Schedule, Cost, and Quality. A Risk may have one or more causes, and if it occurs, […]

Overview of the Kovair Agile Solution

  Download eCopy Introduction Kovair Agile Solution is an implementation of Agile based on SCRUM methodology using Kovair Platform. Kovair has extended SCRUM methodology to implement various tools necessary to implement Agile in a distributed development scenario. One major differentiator of Kovair Agile Solution from some other Agile products from other vendors is its configurability – […]

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