Ways to Ensure Cybersecurity for Connected Services

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BBC recently reported: ‘Every year marks another “worst year ever” for cyber-attacks around the world’. That is because the world is becoming more and more connected. Your phone is connected to your fridge. Your DevOps team is using microservices and containers to build and deploy legacy and cloud-native apps in a fast-paced, iterative way. Microservices and containers communicate via APIs. As integration and interconnectivity become more important, so do APIs.

Please join us in a webinar where we’ll discuss how to mitigate risks in exposed APIs. According to Gartner, the #1 security vulnerability in 2022 is exposed APIs.

Watch this webinar to learn tips and best practices on how to:

  • Position IT as a business partner.
  • Leverage Flow metrics giving full insight into the quality, quantity, and speed of delivery.
  • Create metrics-based reports with low-code, no-code mouse-click configurable reporting engine.

Presenters Bio:

Akshay Sharma
CTO Kovair

Akshay Sharma

Akshay is a tech analyst, having authored or co-authored over 280 research notes, on emerging technologies like DevOps, Software-Defined Data Centers, 5G, mobile video, Cybersecurity, and IoT. A frequent speaker at tech events, he is often quoted in leading institutions like CNN, Wall St. Journal, CIO.com. Akshay is the CTO of Kovair.

Joydeep Datta
Sr. Director, Product Development

Soumanil Chowdhury

Joydeep Datta has over 15 years’ experience in distributed Web Services and Enterprise systems using various distributed technologies. He has more than a decade of experience in managing the entire lifecycle of product engineering for mid-to-large scale business integration solutions.

Rajib Akhter
Sr. Director, Business Development, US.

Rajib Akhter

Rajib has over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing. At Kovair Software, he has secured business form and several marquee customers. In a direct reporting relationship with the CEO, he strategizes with him and executes at the account level to win the business.

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