Predictive Metrics in Integrated ALM

Presenter: Puranjoy Chatterjee, Ex-Director – Product Solutions, Kovair Software Inc.

Webinar Summary:

Puranjoy Chatterjee from Kovair
Puranjoy Chatterjee

Integrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is fast gaining popularity in the Application Development community. More and more organizations are opting for robust integration solutions to enhance the quality and productivity of their teams. The ability to have a tightly integrated ecosystem of best-of-breed multi-vendor tools has many benefits – consolidated reporting and real-time metrics being one of them.

Integrating code quality analysis tools with IDEs, QA tools and other ALM tools enables the organization to get a real-time picture of the Quality of work products being created. Standard algorithms can be used on this live data to generate predictive metrics about the quality of the final software being developed. This is extremely useful to help teams take preventive actions before it is  too late. Enforcing Quality after the product is already built has prohibitive costs and thus it is important to know when things are beginning to go in a wrong direction. This webinar will discuss the benefits of Integrated ALM and how it can be used to generate real-time actionable metrics. A short demonstration will be shown towards the end of the webinar to show how the metrics are generated as the project stakeholders perform their regular tasks.

What you will learn:

  • What is Integrated ALM?
  • What are the benefits of Integrated ALM?
  • How can real-time metrics be produced with Integrated ALM?
  • How these metrics can be used to predict Quality of the final product?
  • How Integrated ALM can be used achieve better Quality?

Who will attend:

CTO’s, Architects, Project Managers, Project Leaders, Developers, QA Leaders For further queries on this Webinar or to schedule a Live Demo, please write to