Next Generation Integration with REST APIs

Presenters: Amit Dasgupta & Joydeep Datta of Kovair Software Recorded webinar
Next Generation Integration with REST APIs
  For last several years, the importance of integration for successful delivery of projects or products has been recognized by the IT industry. It has been accepted that unless data and applications are rapidly integrated as and when required to provide a consolidated centralized view, it will be hard to meet the strategic objectives that an organization demands. It all started with point-to-point integration and then moved to ESB-based integration. This journey of integration has evolved over the years, just like the market demand that had transitioned from Simple ALM to Integrated ALM to DevOps. Usage of tools by organizations has increased many fold and thus the complexities of integration requirements has also increased. For many large organizations, custom-coding and on-premise integration middleware are too slow and costly to keep up with business demands. Integration is now considered to be a strategical capability sitting at the helm of enriching operational efficiency, quality, and synchronization between multiple devices and platforms covering on-premise and cloud-based tools. All these have raised the demand for an API-based integration platform on top of middleware. The joint capabilities of middleware and API management can help organizations to improve its agility by reducing manual work and eliminating the need of individual tool APIs. Organizations can now include mobile or tab applications as part of the integrated environment by leveraging these REST APIs. Join us in this webinar to explore and learn how REST API and an ESB platform can help leverage your tool integration and data flow.

What you will learn:

  • Evolution of Integration
  • What is API Integration Platform?
  • What are REST APIs?
  • Why REST APIs for API integration platform?
  • How to get started with Kovair Omnibus REST API and use it to customize applications?
  • Demonstration of Kovair Omnibus REST Service with examples?
  • How to use REST API Swagger documentation?

Who should attend:

Project Managers, Project Leaders, Developers, Development Managers/Directors.
Amit Dasgupta, Director, Major Accounts Management and Partnerships, Kovair Software Amit holds a PMP certification from PMI Institute and is also a Certified Scrum Master and brings over 17 years of expertise in DevOps, Big Data, ALM, Agile Implementation using Scrum and Lean, SDLC and PPM. He strategizes on the growth, market direction, and customer engagements for Kovair’s exclusive range of ALM and Integration products. Joydeep Datta, Director, Product Development, Kovair Software. As Director for Product development at Kovair, Joydeep Datta brings more than 15 years of expertise in architectural design, core integration architecture, application, and technology architecture. His key areas include architecting & implementing enterprise grade products as well as specializing in process & data integration.