How to Manage the Changing Face of Testing Efficiently

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Presenter: Soumanil Chowdhury, Manager – Solutions & Services, Kovair Software, Inc.

Webinar Summary

Soumanil Chowdhury
Soumanil Chowdhury

Today, testing is not just limited to functional or regression test of UI layers. It is more focused on a larger boundary that includes any and every possible layer under the GUI. Items like API testing and DB testing are also gaining popularity over time. The agile practice of Continuous Integration (CI) followed by Continuous Delivery of a working software is only possible when the software is continuously deployed and automatically tested in production environment. Thus testing has become a source of gaining continuous feedback at every level, ensuring a proper application is built with proper quality.

The demand of industry today is to involve testing earlier into the cycle, ensure proper test code writing and running test automation scripts for better product quality right from the beginning. The presence of a centralized tool allowing testers to work in collaboration with other cross-functional team members is also very important.

Kovair Integrated Test Management – iTM is one such integrated testing solution that provides a collaborative platform for the testers to work in harmony. In this webinar, we will take you through the current and future trends of testing and benefits of using an end-to-end Integrated Test Management Framework to support Continuous Delivery in an organization.

What you will learn:

    • What is current trend in software testing?
    • What is the importance of Integration in Test Management?
    • How Kovair iTM helps Testers and Managers to get traceability matrix in every phase of testing?
    • How Kovair iTM helps Management in decision making through Reports and Dashboards
    • How test automation can be taken to the next level of optimization by Kovair iTM?

Who should attend

CTO’s, Testers, QA Leaders, Project Managers, Project Leaders, Developers, Delivery Heads For further queries on this Webinar or to schedule a Live Demo, please write to