Integrated ALM – Automation beyond a Single Vendor set

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Presenter:Soumanil Chowdhury, Manager – Sales Engineering, Kovair Software Inc.

Webinar Summary

Soumanil Chowdhury from Kovair
Soumanil Chowdhury

Application Lifecycle Management covers the full lifecycle of an application starting from conceptualization to building, deployment, and maintenance. Throughout this lifecycle, various tools are used to manage the activities associated with the application. As project teams get distributed globally, keeping all these tools connected and synchronized becomes a challenge. Single vendor solutions comprising of complete ALM suites provide an ecosystem of connected tools to address this need. However, you can no longer use the best-of-breed tools for each area. Also, for project teams spanning multiple cost centres and organizations, it is often not feasible to adopt tools provided by a single vendor.

Kovair’s vendor neutral integration framework —Omnibus Integration Platform — provides the ideal solution by allowing users to get the benefits of a completely integrated tool set without replacing their existing tools.This webinar discusses how process automation and synchronization between disparate tools reduces the amount of non-value added manual interventions,resulting in significant increase in quality and productivity of project teams.

Kovair delivers on this promise today, as will be shown in a short demonstration of an Integrated ALM scenario using Kovair’s Omnibus Integration Platform.

What you will Learn:

  • Why integrate – understanding the need for Integrated ALM
  • How to integrate – the options of integration between multi-vendor tools
  • How integrated ALM increases quality and productivity
  • Demonstration of a completely integrated development environment using Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform

Who should watch:

CTO’s, Architects, Project Managers, Project Leaders, Developers,and QA Leaders For further queries on this Webinar or to schedule a Live Demo, please write to