Ensuring Software Quality through Multi Tools Integrations

Presenter:Soumanil Chowdhury, Manager– Solutions and Services, Kovair Software Inc.

Webinar Summary

Soumanil Chowdhury from Kovair
Soumanil Chowdhury

Development of software applications should ensure quality standards and adherence to best practices and consistent processes across the entire SDLC. Enterprises are using expensive tools to manage their project life cycle or product development efforts. They are still struggling to achieve a “single point of truth” for achieving excellent quality output. Integration of the tools involved is one of the major hurdles in achieving the benefits of consistent quality parameters and collaboration across various third party tools for an enterprise. Enterprises have carried out point-to-point integrations between enterprise applications with long and expensive deployment cycles. Integrations between cross-vendor tools are the critical elements of success of this quality delivery strategy. Kovair´s ESB, the Omnibus Integration Platform, offers an implementation of integrations among multi-vendor, multi-platform and multi-location tools 24×7 over the web.

This webinar will discuss how the return on your existing ALM/SDLC tools investments such as Requirements Management, Test Management, Test Automation, Configuration management and Issue Management can be improved considerably with Enterprise Service Bus technology.

What you will learn:

  • Point to Point vs Service Bus based integrations
  • Need for a common repository of data for analytics and reporting of the entire SDLC
  • How Project Management is made easy and more controlled
  • Why are defects reduced and the quality improved
  • How Cloud based development could be the next step

Who should attend

CTO’s, Architects, Project Managers, Project Leaders, Developers, QA Leaders For further queries on this Webinar or to schedule a Live Demo, please write to sales@kovair.com.