Webinar DevOps through Agile and ITSM Integration

DevOps through Agile and ITSM Integration

Webinar DevOps through Agile and ITSM Integration
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Date & Time: Thursday, Nov 6, 2014 10:00 AM Pacific, 12 Noon Central, 1 PM Eastern, 6 PM GMT
Duration:1 hour
Presenter: Sayak Roy, Sr. Software Engineer – Solutions and Services, Kovair Software, Inc.

Webinar Summary

Sayak Roy from Kovair
Sayak Roy

The trade-off between ‘Flexibility’ and ‘Stability’ is the buzzword in the industry for managing software development and IT Operations. The band of followers for DevOps, born of the Agile movement, is increasing day by day. Thus it is no wonder that the industry experts are increasingly trying to find out a way by which they can implement their existing IT Service Management processes using Agile methodology. However the biggest question that the industry faces today is that whether Agile and ITSM can coexist and complement each other?

In an organization, the Development team and the Service Desk team typically use disparate and best–of- the-breed tools. For the convergence of Agile and ITSM to happen effectively, the organizations need to eliminate these silos and introduce an integrated Agile-ITSM system. This means that the development team should have better visibility of the support tickets that they are working on and similarly, the Service Desk team is aware of the ongoing development activities.

In this webinar, we will explain how Kovair with its Omnibus Integration platform helps development team working on an Agile tool like Rally and Service Desk team using an ITSM tool like Remedy talk to each other and work in association. This will include a live demonstration at the end.

Thus falling back to the biggest question of whether Agile and ITSM can co-exist? YES. This Webinar should answer HOW!

What you will learn:

  • Why do you need to adopt Agile for software development?
  • What is an integrated Agile-ITSM system?
  • How do Agile and ITSM roles chime together?
  • What are the benefits of having an integrated Agile-ITSM system?
  • How canproject artifacts be migrated and synched between best-of-breedALM tools?
  • How does Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform help organizations gain agility in IT operations?


Who should attend

CTO’s, Helpdesk Managers, QA Leaders, Project Managers, Project Leaders, Developers, Delivery Heads.

For further queries on this Webinar, please write to marketing@kovair.com.

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