Compliance with Normative / V-Model Requirements in Automotive

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Presenters: Thomas Arends, CEO, Deutscher Mittelstand Ltd.

To grasp current and emerging challenges of ensuring functional safety in today’s (and tomorrow’s) vehicles, we must first understand the most important market trends that are shaping the mobility industry today. In the face of evolving technology leading to autonomous driving according to SAE 3016 and SAE 3018 ASPICE and ISO 26262 are the key standards to be used in automotive development. All major OEMs have specified the need to adhere to ASPICE for their suppliers. ISO 26262 is a must have for certification of road approval and addresses the needs that focuses on safety-critical components.

Some of the key components for achieving these compliances are traceability, data consistency and safety culture.

The multi-tier ecosystem that characterizes the auto industry is therefore getting more and more complex. In the race to delivering safe and reliable fully autonomous vehicles to the market, there is a growing need to facilitate the collaboration between internal and external stakeholders across the automotive value chain.

In addition to the business management aspects, this process also introduces a technical and tooling issue. Traceability across software and functional safety requirements, development, Quality Assurance & testing, bug management, and continuous improvement with OTA (over-the-air) updates will have to be ensured to enable compliance with increasingly stringent automotive standards. Kovair with its unique Omnibus enables you to have cross tool data consistency and traceability.

Watch this webinar for the know-how of well-defined, mature processes that help achieve traceability and consistency throughout your development lifecycle. This webinar would also give greater insights to Kovair solution templates on ASPICE and ISO 26262, and also highlight how you can utilize the advanced capabilities of the Kovair platform to simplify and facilitate the regulatory audits.

What you will learn:

  • How to show compliance for the requirements from ASPICE
  • How to show compliance for the requirements for ISO 26262
  • How to speed up your development while
  • Increase quality of your product
  • How to make SPICE and ISO 26262 easy for the users
Thomas Arends
Thomas Arends – CEO, Deutscher Mittelstand Ltd. Experienced in Management, CPO, Project Management, Quality Management, Task Force Management, Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial, Financial / Legal, Medical, Pharmaceutical, V-model, Agile, SAFE®, LESS, CMMI, RUP, SCRUM, Kanban Europe distributor for Kovair ALM