VSMP/VSDP and Digital Transformation with Governance, Collaboration and Workflow Automation

Value Stream Management and Delivery – User Journey through

  • Strategic enterprise toolchain integrations
  • Planning, building, managing and delivering software through value stream delivery platforms
  • Improved flow, traceability, quality and delivery speed for product lifecycle management

Policy-based Data Synchronization and Integration Platform – Kovair Omnibus

It provides the perfect integration fabric for organizations to utilize their value streams productively. With support of 110+ tools, Kovair Omnibus guarantees zero data mismatch, allowing various stakeholders to manage their value streams and make prompt decisions. Kovair Omnibus facilitates organizations to setup an integrated tools ecosystem and establish a seamless collaboration platform.

Plan, Develop and Deliver CI/CD with Kovair DevOps

A unique platform that offers next level visibility and control of your DevOps strategy and pipeline. Kovair DevOps not only bridges the gap between operations and internal engineering teams but also automates the entire process from code check-in to deployment, providing valuable insights to improve delivery velocity, identify and eliminate bottlenecks, and deliver with lower deployment cost.

End-to-End Value Stream Delivery Solution with Kovair ALM

Kovair ALM helps businesses improve visibility and decision making substantially. It provides a unique data-driven approach that orchestrates the flow of values with predictable business outcomes. Kovair ALM is ideal at improving visibility across local and distributed teams, ensuring complete visibility of the moving parts of today’s application development.

VSMP with Kovair Project Portfolio Management

Kovair PPM within the VSMP toolchain provides stakeholders a unified platform to manage budgets, schedules, and resources through a single interface. It offers a greater value to the organization by bridging the gap between planning and execution, enabling IT leaders to optimize their project portfolios, manage the capability and level of resources against the demands raised from different projects, and connect plans and resources to the actual project execution.

Develop smart connected products digitally with Kovair ALM-PLM Integration

Kovair ALM-PLM Center of Excellence (CoE) addresses collaboration complexity of today’s smart-connected product development through Kovair Omnibus. It offers bi-directional integration connecting more than 110+ enterprise tools. Through integration of ALM tools like Kovair, Jira, with model-based systems engineering tools like Enterprise Architect with PLM tools like Teamcenter, Windchill, Aras Innovator with ERP tools like SAP, the CoE addresses the connected Digital Thread by linking requirements to complete product development.

Digital Data Transformation using Kovair QuickSync

A cost-effective, wide-ranging data migration solution for any enterprise to migrate records from legacy to contemporary tools. It is a Windows-based desktop solution, which can be easily installed and operated. Requirement of minimal infrastructure for operation makes it cost effective and an efficient solution for the industry. QuickSync also extends support in migrating data from one source to multiple targets. Its instinctive UI makes it easily adaptable and a preferred solution for the users.


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