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About Pivotal Tracker

Technology Provider Pivotaltracker

Kovair Software has partnered with Pivotal Tracker to combine the power of Tracker with other ALM tools for seamless integration of data and execution flows across multiple tools with excellent collaboration and efficient execution. This seamless integration will remove silos, improve activity tracking across best-of-the-breed tools, and deliver end-to-end traceability for better software management.

Pivotal Tracker, is the world’s most popular project management tool for agile software teams. Built to encourage the disciplined software development process pioneered by Pivotal Labs, Tracker has brought transparency, clear prioritization, and focused collaboration to thousands of companies, from fastgrowing startups all the way to the most recognized enterprises. Simple, yet powerful and transformative, Tracker allows you to bring your products to market faster, and continue to deliver as the needs of your customers evolve.