Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect Technology Partner

Enterprise Architect Technology Partner

Kovair Integration Adapter for Enterprise Architect integrates Enterprise Architect, popularly known as EA, with other ALM and ITSM tools by exposing the Packages, Models, Elements and the relationships among them to Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform. Omnibus Integration with EA facilitates two way communications of user-defined mapping of different Artifact Attributes to EA objects and tagged values. Direct and automated exporting of EA elements to a connected ALM tool increases the utility of the EA tool significantly.

About the Partner

Enterprise Architect is the flagship product of Sparx Systems. The company specializes in high performance and scalable visual modeling tools for the planning, design and construction of software intensive systems. Enterprise Architect is intended for use by analysts, designers, architects, developers, testers, project managers and maintenance staff – almost everyone involved in a software development project and in business analysis

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