Technical Advisors

Akshay Sharma, Chief Technology Officer – CTO of Kovair

Akshay Sharma

Akshay Sharma is a tech analyst, ex-Gartner, having authored 280+ research notes, on emerging technologies like DevOPs, Software Defined Data Centers, 5G, and IoT. A frequent speaker at tech events, he is often quoted in leading institutions like CNN, Wall St. Journal, and He is a former CTO of one of the first video/WiFi smartphone firms and an entrepreneur in the tech sector, having worked for firms that are now part of leading firms like Intel, IBM, Nokia, and Ericsson. He advises many emerging startups, such as Kovair in the DevOps/ALM arena, having worked for 3 startups that are part of IBM Rational/DOORS in ObjecTime, Verilog, and Telelogic on integrated development, test and operational environments.

Ashok Agarwal

Ashok Agarwal

Sr. Director, Global Business Systems, Lumileds, a Phillips Company and former Sr. IT Director, Intel Corporation. Distinguished transformational technology leader with experience in supply chain, sales and marketing, product lifecycle, finance and many other verticals. Understands how technology can enable the business and drives transformation by building unique data driven operating models. Deeply committed to operational excellence and spearheading innovative approaches to solve complex business problems.

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