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Unify your software development teams and tools by integrating test management tools with rest of the ALM tools using Kovair Omnibus integration platform.

Kovair Integrated Test Management Platform-The Business Values

Learn the power of Application Lifecycle Management in an integrated environment and how Kovair orchestrates the four major pillars of ALM

Integrated Test Management

In this presentation you will learn about software quality management, the difference between QA and Testing and the ways to achieve better quality software. Kovair iTM – Integrated Test Management with its 100% web based, flexible and comprehensive test management platform helps teams in adopting DevOps. Request A Live Demo × Request A Live Demo

Bipin Shah on Outlook Series

In this podcast, Michael Lippis from Outlook Series interviews Bipin Shah, CEO and Chairman, Kovair to gain the company’s perspective on Integrated Test Management as a solution. Listening to this knowledge sharing session will help enhance the operational capabilities of your testing team. Request A Live Demo × Request A Live Demo

Webinar Kovair iTM Framework

Date & Time: Thursday, December 19, 2014, 5:00 PM IST, 12.30 CET, 11.30 GMT, 3.30 A.M PST Duration: 1 hour Presenter: Amit Dasgupta, Director – Product Solutions, Kovair Software, Inc. Request A Live Demo × Request A Live Demo Please fill out the form below to the access the document. Webinar Summary Managing Test Scenarios using multi-vendor and […]

Kovair ALM Studio Test Management

In this video you will learn about Test Management practices at Kovair . To give your feedback or to ask questions, leave a comment below. Request A Live Demo × Request A Live Demo  Video Summary Kovair’s Test Management, a 100% web based solution provides a flexible and comprehensive test management platform for manual and […]

Kovairv Test Management cover picture

Great products are the result of persistent development and rigorous testing. Today, testing is critical for enterprises to gain leadership, profitability and end-user satisfaction. They demand a strategic approach to testing for quality, automation, predictability and cost reduction.