Requirements Management

Enable your teams integrate requirements with other ALM functions such as Design, configuration, Build, Test and Issues Management using Kovair Omnibus.

DOORS Adapter

DOORS Integration Adapter

It’s a well-known fact that when teams are allowed to use their most preferred tools to manage project assets, their productivity rises exponentially. Kovair leverages this fact and helps organizations increase their overall productivity by integrating the best-of-the-breed tools that are used by their project teams. One such tool is IBM Rational DOORS. IBM Rational […]

RRC Adapter

Rational Requirements Composer Integration Adapter

Requirements are not the property of Business Analysts alone; in any of the software development methodology that we follow today, requirements are the focal point of the entire software delivery process. However, a diversified set of stakeholders and changes all across the development lifecycle make it difficult to align the project deliverables with the correct […]

Rational RequisitePro Adapter

Rational RequisitePro Integration Adapter

For software development projects, requirement management has always been the key process area for ensuring project success. It involves managing requirements over the complete application lifecycle, including managing changes to requirements. An effective Requirement Management system must provide scope for: Requirement elicitation Collaboration Change management and traceability IBM Rational RequisitePro provides the above mentioned capabilities […]

Kovair Requirements Management : An Overview

Kovair Requirements Management: An Overview

Kovair’s implementation of requirements gathering, parsing, management, traceability, base-lining and intelligent reporting in a process-driven methodology enables project teams to effectively manage and track requirements in a collaborative manner.

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