Requirements Management

Enable your teams integrate requirements with other ALM functions such as Design, configuration, Build, Test and Issues Management using Kovair Omnibus.

HP ALM to Visual Studio Online – VSO Migration

  Download eCopy Introduction A major provider of equipment breakdown insurance and related inspection services were using HP ALM to manage their Requirements, Tests and Defects. Based on several internal reasons, for instance, changes in their internal software development processes and policies made the organization decide to move from HP ALM to Microsoft VSO. All the […]

Need for ALM-PLM Integrations – A White Paper

  Download eCopy In the 21st century, merger between Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is perhaps the most successful of all engineering practices. Invention of complex systems like the Large Hardon Collider, are the symbols of successful integration between hardware and software systems. In short, convergence of PLM and ALM is essential […]

How to Manage Your Requirements Efficiently

How to Manage Your Requirements Efficiently

In this presentation, you will learn how Kovair’s rich implementation of requirements gathering, parsing, management, traceability, base lining and intelligent reporting in a process-driven methodology enables project teams to effectively manage and map requirements. Task based process engine to support any workflow – Create multiple process for each application, drag and drop visual design, support […]

A Story on Requirements Management

A Story on Requirements Management

In this presentation, you will read the story of a manager who coped up with the hurdles of managing requirements in his organization and Synchronized information to keep stakeholders on the same page. Request A Live Demo × Request A Live Demo

Kovair ALM Studio Overview

Kovair ALM Studio Overview

Kovair ALM Studio is the web-based, feature-rich and highly configurable ALM platform that enables geographically diverse teams perform all steps of SDLC (Requirements Management, Test Management to Release Management and the processes in between) and beyond with work flow automation for all ALM functions. Request A Live Demo × Request A Live Demo

iRise Adapter

iRise Integration

Faster time-to-market is the key to success for every organization. With the adoption of agile development methods, and the end users or customers getting involved early into the production process, there is almost no scope for development error due to misrepresentation of user requirements and lack of collaborative visualization. Even the most complex and bigger […]

Kovair Collaborative Requiremement Review

Collaborative Requirement Review Functionality of Kovair

Kovair’s web-based collaborative review model has been built ground up for managing business requirements change requests or any documents in an integrated manner so that stakeholders, including external SMEs can effectively perform the review tasks through real-time discussions anytime, anywhere. Kovair Review module ensures that stakeholders are able to view, create, approve, reject, comment, notify, […]

HP ALM Adapter

HP ALM Integration

HP Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management – HP ALM provides a centralized platform for managing applications starting from Requirements Management to Test Planning to Defect Management – all the core product lifecycle activities from planning to delivery. HP ALM is an all-in-all ALM suite for development teams, as it has all the core ALM capabilities on […]

Rhapsody Adapter

Rational Rhapsody Integration

The IBM Rational Rhapsody solution is a model-driven development (MDD) environment for real-time or embedded systems engineering, software development, and testing.It provides real-time agile software engineering environment with full application generation for C++, C, etc, rapid prototyping and simulation for design level debugging, automated build generation for continuous integration and support for safety-critical software lifecycle. […]

Built-In Requirement Review Model of Kovair 7.5 Video

Built-In Requirement Review Model of Kovair 7.5

In this video you will learn how Kovair Requirements Management allows stakeholders to participate in a real-time collaborative review on anytime, anywhere basis.Using this collaborative review functionality, users can get their queries clarified, record their decisions and approve or reject the requirements. Request A Live Demo × Request A Live Demo  Video Summary Kovair 7.5 […]

Built-in Word Import Feature of Kovair 7.5 Video

Built-in Word Import Feature of Kovair 7.5

In this video you will learn how the new built-in Word Import feature of Kovair helps users add requirements directly from word documents using its record and comment parsing ability. Request A Live Demo × Request A Live Demo  Video Summary Kovair has had the capability of importing Requirements directly from Word documents using the […]

Requirements, Tests & Issue Management

Managing Requirements, Tests and Issues with the Kovair ALM Studio

Date & Time:October 27, 2010 Duration: 1 hour Presenter:Sky Basu, Ex-CTO, Kovair Software Inc. and Atanu Majumdar, Ex-VP Products and Technology, Kovair Software Inc. Request A Live Demo × Request A Live Demo Please fill out the form below to the access the document. Webinar Summary The recently introduced Kovair ALM Studio product is a […]

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