Omnibus Tools Integrations

Requirements Collaborations and Reusability with Kovair ALM Studio

  Download eCopy Introduction In a distributed software and systems development project, Requirements Management plays a critical role in ultimate success of the project. For an efficient and optimal management of Requirements, a fully functional Requirements Management tool is not just a necessity; it can be a life saver. Using documents and spreadsheets often is an […]

Achieve High ROI from Integrated ALM with the Kovair Omnibus Platform

    Download eCopy Introduction Kovair with its ALM Studio – an Application Lifecycle Management product and Omnibus Integration tool- an SOA architected Enterprise Service Bus helps organizations to build up an integrated ALM environment using their existing tools used for different development phases. Kovair acts as a central repository for multiple data systems that allows […]

Best Practices for Integrating Applications Development

  Download eCopy Introduction Enterprise application integration remains an age-old challenge for software product and project development. The emergence of new technologies for hosting infrastructure, platform, and software across locations, including on-premise, managed, and cloud-based data centers make integration process even more demanding and complicated. The traditional application integration approaches do not meet the challenges of […]

Scalable Software Delivery Through Integrated Agile ALM

  Download eCopy Introduction The unprecedented level of success of Agile methods is causing a wide range of organizations to apply Agile techniques on large project teams with hundreds of people, often geographically distributed, in various environments and various complex situations that involve regulatory compliance, external partners, etc. Agile is getting pushed beyond the small, co-located […]

Kovair Deployment for Different Customers

Deploying Kovair in Different Customer Scenarios

Kovair customers find themselves in different phases of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) tools adoption. Each phase has its own set of challenges. With the help of a few customer scenarios, this paper illustrates how customers can meet their challenges using Kovair in the domains of ALM, ITSM, and Tools Integrations. […]

Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform product literature

Kovair Omnibus Integrations – Why Are We Better

Kovair Omnibus offers a unique capability to use both the synchronization model and the link based model of integration. This choice is available for the users of the new generation of IBM Jazz tools – Rational Requirements Composer (RRC), Rational Team Composer (RTC) and Rational Quality Manager (RQM). Along with synchronization of artifacts across tools, […]

Scalability and Performance in Kovair Omnibus Document

Scalability and Performance in Kovair Omnibus

 Kovair Omnibus is often adopted in an organization in an incremental fashion. The deployment starts with a few projects and based on their success the solution is pushed for adoption to other project teams. As the number of tools integrated through Omnibus increase at a rate higher than expected, the initial planned hardware infrastructure proves to […]

HP QC and IBM RTC Integration with Kovair Omnibus Document

HP QC and IBM RTC Integration with Kovair Omnibus

Undoubtedly, HP QC and IBM RTC are two widely used tools in software industry. HP QC provides a platform for Requirements, Test, and Defect Management in a single repository. It is used by Business Analyst, Developers, and Testers to log Requirements, manage Requirements, log Defects and Test cases and verify them. And IBM RTC can […]

Kovair Integration with Git GitHub Gerrit Document

Kovair Integration with Git / GitHub / Gerrit

Kovair Omnibus has a complete integration with the Git Suite. So, users using only Git as an Enterprise SCM tool can use the integration to track and get the complete traceability. When a user pushes a change to GitHub site via Git command line, desktop apps, or, the Kovair adapter tracks all the changes […]

FindBugs Adapter

FindBugs Integration

FindBugs is an open source tool, which is used for static code analysis. Kovair Omnibus allows you to integrate your preferred Defect tracking tool with FindBugs and facilitates direct logging of Defects from any Eclipse based IDE. Kovair’s FindBugs plug-in comes along with the Eclipse plug-in, and hence a user who has availed the services […]

Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform cover pic

Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform: An Overview

Organizations can, thus,utilize the tools they own such as DOORS for Requirement Management , ClearCase for Configuration Management, and Quality Center for Test Management, or can use custom-made, homegrown products to support various application lifecycle phases by integrating them through the enterprise service bus.

Clarity Adapter

CA Clarity Integration

CA Clarity PPM is a project management information system that helps you ensure that your projects and programs align with strategies, goals, and objectives. It provides a real time view into the organization’s investments, initiatives, and resources. Using CA Clarity PPM, you can create projects; create budgets; add/remove resources to projects; manage project risks and […]

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