Omnibus Tools Integrations

TeamCity Adapter

TeamCity Integration

TeamCity is a closed source, Java-based build management and continuous integration server from JetBrains. Kovair Omnibus integrates TeamCity 8.1 with other best-of-breed ALM tools to provide a centralized view of the unified software development. Download Datasheet × Download PDF version Please fill out the form below to the access the document. × Request A Live […]

DOORS Adapter

DOORS Next Gen 4.0.5 Integration

IBM Rational DOORS is a next generation Requirements Management tool based on the Rational Jazz technology from IBM – for complex software and systems engineering environments. When hooked with Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform, organizations can foster better business and development collaboration among stakeholders and thus maximize ROI from DOORS investment. Download Datasheet × Download PDF […]

Github Adapter

GitHub Integration

‘Kovair GitHub Adapter’ integrates GitHub Enterprise with other best-of-breed ALM tools and helps stakeholders remain up-to-date with latest file versions. is an enterprise cloud based hosting service, on which one can publish Git repositories and collaborate with people from distributed geographical locations. GitHub Enterprise is the on-premise version of Kovair integration supports both […]

IBM ClearCase Integration

The evolving organizational need to deliver software solutions sooner, while maintaining flexibility and compliance, calls for a powerful cross-platform Software Configuration Management (SCM) system that can protect critical software and lifecycle assets, provide audit trail for changes, and support parallel development and code reuse. Download Datasheet × Download PDF version Please fill out the form […]

Rich Text Transformation between HP QC and JIRA

Rich Text Transformation between HP QC and JIRA

In this video you will learn how to convert rich text data in HP Quality Center into Confluence wiki in Atlasian JIRA and vice versa . To give your feedback or to ask questions, leave a comment below. Request A Live Demo × Request A Live Demo  Video Summary This video explains how rich text data in […]

Kovair ALM Integration with Perforce SCM

  Download eCopy Introduction SCM tool is one of the most widely used and indispensable tools in a software development organization of any size. However, for a complete Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), SCM is just one of many such tools critical for success. Kovair Global Lifecycle offers a number of such critical built-in ALM applications including […]

Integrate and Process Enable your ALM Ecosystem

  Download eCopy Introduction After several CIO Summits, mergers and acquisitions and company restructures a development group ends up with tools from various vendors as well as internal tools. How do you manage a software development project across a number of functionally, geographically, and technologically distributed groups, each with their favorite set of tools, but a […]

Kovair Value Proposition for Tools Integration

  Download eCopy Introduction Kovair, a technology leader in the domain of Integrated Applications Lifecycle Management – ALM offers several solutions such as Requirements Management, Test Management, Issues and Change Management. Kovair is known for its following four technology value propositions, no matter what specific application or solution you want to build with it. 100% web […]

Kovair Plug-in for Eclipse Development Environment

  Download eCopy Introduction Eclipse is known as an industry’s leading Open Source platform for Java based software development. Eclipse as an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is mostly used by the developers. Today, with the growing involvements of multiple stakeholders in almost all phases of software development lifecycle, attaining collaborative development environment has become a mandate […]

58 Questions for a Requirement Management Tool

  Download eCopy Defining Requirements How do you add a Requirement to Kovair? In Kovair, you can define and add Requirement in the following ways: Using Rich Text Editor: The formatting includes font, color, table, bullets, numbering, and embedded images. Multiple Undo-Redo, adding symbols and embedded links to other Requirements are possible in Kovair. Additional Rich […]

10 Benefits of Integrated ALM

    Download eCopy Introduction Application development organizations spend millions of dollars a year on a multitude of siloed point function tools encompassing requirement management, design/architecture management, coding, configuration management, build, testing, defect tracking, release management, and more. These tools live in isolation which makes users rely mostly on traditional and broken manual procedures while synchronizing […]

3 Approaches for Integrated ALM – A Case for ALM Platform

  Download eCopy Different Approaches for Integrated ALM To address the challenges of Integrated ALM and to achieve at least some of the goals, different tool vendors have taken different strategies, which can be broadly categorized in the three alternative approaches. Approach #1: Point-to-point Integrated Multi-Vendor Tools Traditionally the individual vendors have tried to achieve modicum […]

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