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SD Elements Integration Adapter Datasheet

SD Elements Integration Adapter

SD Elements automates software security requirements across the SDLC – software development life cycle. It profiles project requirements, defines probable project/application specific security defects and creates Tasks as a way of preventative controls. Adding another tool to the long list of tools across the ALM toolchain increases cost and time overheads, necessitates transparency, cross-tool traceability […]

MantisBT Integration

MantisBT Integration Adapter

MantisBT is an open source issue tracking tool used to track software defects or bugs. It is widely used by Developers and Testers for tracking defects, managing tasks, planning sprints, managing backlogs, and managing agile projects and workflows. Kovair Omnibus maximizes the functional and operational value of Mantis by making its issue records easily available […]

JIRA Kovair Integration Scenario

JIRA Kovair Integration Scenario

In this short video, you will see a simple integration scenario between JIRA and Kovair where you will learn how traceability between Requirements in Kovair and bugs in JIRA can be established in a few simple clicks. Request A Live Demo × Request A Live Demo

HP ALM Integration

HP ALM Integration Adapter

HP Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management – HP ALM provides a centralized platform for managing applications starting from Requirements Management to Test Planning to Defect Management – all the core product lifecycle activities from planning to delivery. HP ALM is an all-in-all ALM suite for development teams, as it has all the core ALM capabilities on […]

Top 10 Features to Look for in a Defect Tracking Tool

Top 10 Features to Look for in a Defect Tracking Tool

  Download eCopy Introduction Defect tracking is one of the key aspects of a software development process. Without getting into the question of whether a defect is major or minor, it is absolutely necessary to log, manage, and fix each and every defect in order to develop a stable and effective application. In the software industry, […]

Redmine Adapter

Redmine Integration Adapter

Redmine is one of the leading open source tools for Issue Management that can be integrated with other popular defect management tools using the Kovair integration adapter for Redmine. Kovair Redmine Adapter facilitates seamless data flow from Redmine to other ALM or SDLC Tools in the market place. Currently, the Kovair Redmine Adapter supports all […]

Requirements, Tests & Issue Management

Managing Requirements, Tests and Issues with the Kovair ALM Studio

Presenter:Sky Basu, Ex-CTO, Kovair Software Inc. and Atanu Majumdar, Ex-VP Products and Technology, Kovair Software Inc. Request A Live Demo × Request A Live Demo Please fill out the form below to the access the document. Webinar Summary The recently introduced Kovair ALM Studio product is a very comprehensive single repository web based product for […]

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JIRA Adapter

JIRA Integration Adapter

JIRA, primarily an issue tracking tool by Atlassian is widely used by Developers and Testers for tracking defects, managing tasks, planning, sprints, managing agile projects and workflows. Kovair Jira Adapter The Kovair Omnibus Adapter for JIRA provides full scope collaboration between product management and development teams. When each team can use the tool, they are […]