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Kovair 2014 at a Glance

Kovair 2014 at a Glance

Kovair touched upon several milestones in different arenas starting from Product Enhancements to Enhanced Website Launch to Event Participations and Partnerships

ALM Revisited

ALM Revisited

You will learn the power of Application Lifecycle Management in an integrated environment and how Kovair orchestrates the four major pillars of ALM.

Perforce Integration

Perforce Integration Adapter

Perforce is a popular scalable Version Control system/ Software Configuration Management (SCM) tool used in development lifecycle for securely maintaining frequent changes to the code files, provide audit trails to changes, support parallel development and code reuse. Developers use Perforce to maintain current and historical versions of files, such as code files, web pages, and […]

Simulink Integration

Simulink Integration Adapter

Simulink Integration Mathwork’s Simulink is a visual modeling tool used to create design architecture for various project requirements in a model driven development environment. Kovair Omnibus allows users to link Simulink models with Requirements from Kovair or Kovair connected popular Requirement management tools like IBM DOORS Next Gen. The integration provides cross-tool traceability facilitating easy […]

Kovair Release 8.6

Kovair Release 8.6

This is a major release from Kovair for its two major product lines ‘ALM Studio‘ & ‘Omnibus Integration Platform‘. The users of previous release 8.0 are encouraged to evaluate and upgrade to the new release for a better Kovair experience. The Kovair 8.6 has been designed with an approach to improve its UI as well […]

SonarQube Integration

SonarQube Integration Adapter

SonarQube is a popular open source static code analysis tool used for continuous inspection of code quality. . The code analysis reports are very effective in predicting the code quality. Sharing these reports among other stalk holders will be revealing the overall stability. Kovair integration with SonarQube provides support for continuous inspection by enabling real-time […]

Remedyforce Integration

Remedyforce Integration Adapter

BMC Remedyforce is a comprehensive ITSM solution built on platform. Kovair Omnibus integration can increase the value of your Salesforce investment by supporting Remedy specific activities. This helps align IT service management and help desk system with broader organizational goals.

Kovair Project and Portfolio Management Overview

Kovair Project and Portfolio Management: An Overview

Kovair PPM provides you with real-time data and increased visibility to help you make correct investment decisions. It helps you streamline, standardize, execute and manage the entire business at product, project, program, and portfolio level.

VMware vSphere Integration

VMware vSphere Integration Adapter

vSphere is a virtualization management tool from VMware that helps in provisioning of Virtual Machines (VM) – building highly-available, resilient and on-demand infrastructure on the cloud environment. Kovair Omnibus integration with vSphere helps developers’ community to take full advantage of cloud while taking unified application management approaches. The integration with vSphere automatically moves development management […]

Thoughtworks Mingle Integration

Thoughtworks Mingle Integration Adapter

Mingle is an Agile project management solution from ThoughtWorks Studios. It is widely used by Developers and Testers for tracking defects, managing tasks, planning sprints, managing backlogs, managing agile projects and workflows. However, collaborating on Mingle projects and cards with extended software development teams is a major challenge. Cross-functional ALM tools don’t have built-in integration […]

Kovair iTM – Bipin Shah’s Interview on Outlook Series

Kovair iTM – Bipin Shah’s Interview on Outlook Series

In this podcast, Michael Lippis from Outlook Series interviews Bipin Shah, CEO and Chairman, Kovair to gain the company’s perspective on Integrated Test Management as a solution. Listening to this knowledge sharing session will help enhance the operational capabilities of your testing team. Request A Live Demo × Request A Live Demo

Rally-Clarity Integration – PPM at a Global Networking Company

  Download eCopy Introduction As often is the case nowadays, the need for integrating disparate tools within the tool ecosystem became imminent in this organization. Having invested substantial amounts of money and with best of the breed tools in place for specific domains, everything seemed right for the organization except for the fact that the tools […]

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