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Overview Currently the smart product generation is driven by Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is the key for industrial smart products produced by an increasing number of manufacturers. The overall functionality of smart products is a combination of mechanical, electrical/electronic internet and software functions. Product Lifecycle Management refers to set of software tools


  Download eCopy Introduction This White Paper discusses the need at the IT department at a large Federal Government Agency for a Software Life Cycle (SDLC) tool, referred to in this document as an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool. Such a tool is required to replace stove-piping technologies currently in use and to integrate and/or replace […]

ITIL based ITSM Implementation

Date & Time:October 28, 2009 Duration: 1 hour Presenter:Bob Aiello, IT Consultant, Member IEEE, USA Request A Live Demo × Request A Live Demo Please fill out the form below to the access the document. Webinar Summary IT Service Management is one of the most important functions, in any technology organization, that can result in […]


Why Customers Prefer Kovair Omnibus Over Others

Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform introduces unique features that set it apart from other integration technologies currently available in the market. Kovair Omnibus enables easy configuration through drag-and-drop configuration screens, which eliminates the need of coding.

What is Traceability Matrix

A Traceability Matrix is a table that helps you trace project related artifacts, both forward and backward. Project related artifacts include requirements, designs, test cases, test steps, defects, and so on. Using a Traceability Matrix, you can trace one of these artifacts to all other linked artifacts. Download Document × Download PDF version Please fill […]

ALM and Integrated ALM

    Download eCopy What is Application Lifecycle Management? Application lifecycle management – ALM is the process of managing software applications from their initial planning through retirement i.e. from business idea generation to when the application no longer has any business value, and is removed from service. An application’s lifecycle includes the entire time span during […]

VMware vSphere Integration

vSphere is a virtualization management tool from VMware that helps in provisioning of Virtual Machines (VM) – building highly-available, resilient and on-demand infrastructure on the cloud environment. Kovair Omnibus integration with vSphere helps developers’ community to take full advantage of cloud while taking unified application management approaches. The integration with vSphere automatically moves development management […]

Visual Studio Adapter

‘Kovair Visual Studio 2013 Adapter’ integrates Visual Studio 2013 with other ALM tools to provide an integrated view of the unified software development. It enables data from all the connected tools to be accumulated in a central repository. Various reports and actionableKovair Visual Studio 2013 Adapter metrics that are derived from this central repository can […]

Integration Support for Visual Studio and TFS Users

Date & Time:April 14, 2011 Duration: 10 minutes Presenter:Sky Basu, Ex-CTO, Kovair Software Inc. and Atanu Majumdar, Ex-VP Products and Technology, Kovair Software Inc. Request A Live Demo × Request A Live Demo Please fill out the form below to the access the document. Webinar Summary Development teams using Microsoft Visual Studio integration and TFS […]


Visibility to Incident Resolution through Omnibus Integration

Omnibus has a central framework that allows multiple tools to be easily integrated with each other. This makes the artifacts of the integrated tools to be visible and accessible by any tool user within the integrated tool environment.

VersionOne Integration

VersionOne is a one-stop-solution for performing agile and lean software development practices. It supports planning and tracking of epics, stories, themes, tasks, tests and issues distributed among different stakeholders in a single system. The tool also guides team members through each of the agile development steps from product and release planning to sprint planning, tracking, […]


Software delivery with agility has not only increased the complexity of projects but at the same time has increased risks of failures for organizations across industries, no matter their product or service. With correct alignment of goals using Value Stream Management (VSM), and corresponding tools/platforms, organizations which are successfully aligning software development and delivery…

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