Why Customers Prefer Kovair Omnibus Over Others

Why Customers Prefer Kovair Omnibus Over Others

Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform introduces unique features that set it apart from other integration technologies currently available in the market. Kovair Omnibus enables easy configuration through drag-and-drop configuration screens, which eliminates the need of coding.

Real-Time Monitoring of Tool Integration Health

Real-Time Monitoring of Tool Integration Health

Sync Monitor and Omnibus Dashboard give complete operational visibility into the integrated system. Monitor the data flow through the system, track updates that are pending, processed or have triggered actions resulting in errors.

Data Lake and Analytics Webinar

Kovair Data Lake and Analytics

Data forms the bottom line on which the effective performance management of an organization depends. Proper management of data enables companies to keep business requirements in proper alignment with technical excellence. Data becomes more business driven, the need of real, raw, and granular data for analysis

List of 80+ Integration Adapters/Connectors and Plug-Ins – Sept 2018

Kovair offers over 80 off-the-shelf multi-vendor ALM and IT tool adapters and plugins for integration support. These adapters and plugins can help to extend the integrated development environment that is created by integrating different ALM tools to Omnibus. Using Omnibus and respective tool API, Kovair adapters can expose all major artifacts and related attributes of […]

Kovair 9.0 & 9.2: Newly Introduced Features for Requirements & Test Management

A first look into the latest features and updates introduced in Kovair ALM Studio 9.0 and 9.2 — the last two version upgrades made in the areas related to Requirements and Test Management. The new enhancements and addition of new features have improved the overall user experience and performance. Users of previous versions will need […]


Kovair Jenkins Integration Datasheet

Kovair Jenkins Adapter integrates Jenkins with other best-of-breed ALM tools and provides a centralized view of the unified software development. Jenkins is a popular open source tool for continuous integration and build automation. Over the time, Jenkins has become the open source standard for managing the development side of DevOps, from source code management to […]

Kovair ALM and DevOps Reports and Dashboards

Generate reports anytime during the software development process. Kovair offers a powerful suite of reporting tools that help users to work and act on realtime data. Users can find support to create various types of Graphical and Non-Graphical reports with drill-down capabilities that enable organizations to take a closer look into real-time data for analytical […]

Next Generation Integration with REST APIs

The joint capabilities of middleware and API management can help organizations to improve its agility by reducing manual work and eliminating the need of individual tool APIs. Organizations can now include mobile or tab applications as part of the integrated environment by leveraging these REST APIs.

Kovair REST API – Bipin Shah’s Interview on Outlook Series

Kovair REST API – Bipin Shah’s Interview on Outlook Series

Kovair API gateway is a Restful endpoint hosted in web server. Kovair APIs has been designed to provide users with a clean and straightforward experience for integrating with Kovair ALM and Omnibus.

Journey of DevOps by HSBC With Kovair Omnibus

The Journey of DevOps by HSBC With Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform

On the other hand, the need for faster time to market with quality also increased. With all these in place, they felt the need for implementing DevOps so that the software delivery could happen faster while making sure that the data shared among…

How IBM Can Bring Agility to HP QC / ALM teams

how this can be accomplished with next generation solutions like IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM) and see a demo of how other companies have made this move with no loss of data and zero down-time. Watch this webinar on How IBM Can Bring Agility to HP QC / ALM teams


PTC Windchill Integration Adapter Datasheet

Kovair Windchill adapter integrates PTC Windchill and other best of breed ALM tools to bring the best of both worlds in your software-hardware production process. An integrated ALM and PLM environment enables users to bring together the key strengths of Application Lifecycle Management tools — management of requirements, features, test cases, test results, defects and […]