Kovair Product Releases and Updates

  • ALM Enhancements
  • Omnibus Adapter Releases
  • Omnibus Enhancements

All releases after 1st Quarter, 2015

Find the list of multi-vendor ALM and IT tool integration adapters/ connectors and plug-ins offered by Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform. Get details…

Release Period: 1st Quarter, 2015

IBM uRelease 6.1.1 Integration Adapter/ Connector

With the release of UrbanCode Deploy 6.1.1 adapter Kovair adds a new feather to its IBM Rational Suite integration list for Release Management tools. This integration with UrbanCode will help users track releases across all integrated tools in every stage of delivery lifecycle.

IBM uDeploy 6.1.1 Integration Adapter/ Connector

The Kovair Omnibus team has developed a new integration adapter for one of the mostly used IBM Deployment tools – UrbanCode Deploy supporting its 6.1.1 version. Kovair integration with UrbanCode Deploy will allow users to integrate with other best-of-breed ALM tools and get a centralized view of the unified software deployment.

Release Period: 4th Quarter, 2014

IBM Rational Quality Manager 5.0 Integration Adapter/ Connector

Using Kovair Omnibus, RQM users can perform the entire Test Management process starting from test execution of IBM RFT scripts to Test reporting from within Kovair. The Kovair RQM Adapter exposes Test Plan, Test Suite, Test Case, Test Script, Step, Test Result, Result Step and Build from Rational Quality Manager and enables bi-directional synchronization between RQM and other best-of-breed tools connected to Omnibus. Read more.

IBM Rational Test RealTime 8.0 Integration Adapter/ Connector

Kovair increases the capabilities of IBM Rational Rest RealTime tool by synchronizing it with Kovair Omnibus integration platform. The adapter offers one-way data synchronization between IBM RTRT and Kovair Omnibus and allows viewing RTRT reports such as Performance Profile, Code Coverage, Test Report and Memory Profile from within Kovair. Read more.

Redmine 2.5.2 Integration Adapter/ Connector

Kovair Redmine Integration Adapter provides painless integration with Redmine, resulting in visibility of Redmine Issues across tools, traceability and micro-level process automation. The integration ensures that all the artifacts across the development chain are integrated with each other and Issues or custom artifacts in Redmine can be traced back to the Test Cases and the corresponding Requirements. Read more.

Omnibus Adapter Version Upgrade 1. IBM – Rational Requirements Composer (v4.0) 2. JIRA (v 6.x) 3. Clear Quest (v 8.x) 4. HP Quality Center (v 9.0) 5. Enterprise Architect 6. SharePoint (v 2013) 7. Microsoft Project (v 2013) 8. Bugzilla (v 4.0) 9. Salesforce Streaming ServiceNow Integration Adapter/Connector

Kovair ServiceNow Integration Adapter enables users integrate ServiceNow with a wide array of on-premise ALM tools, such as JIRA, QC, and TFS as well as cloud-based tools like Salesforce.com (SFDC). By integrating ServiceNow with ALM tools, Application Development and IT Operations teams can be more closely aligned to business. Read more.

Remedy Integration Adapter/ Connector

Kovair Remedy Integration Adapter integrates BMC Remedy ITSM Suite with various ALM and IT tools such as Rally, QC, Perforce, JIRA, connected to Kovair Omnibus platform, and thus supports ALM-ITSM convergence. This will increase the value of your Remedy investment and integrate Service Desk application with other development and DevOps tools to deliver a complete customer solution. Read more.

IBM DOORS Next Gen 4.0.5 Adapter/ Connector

The Omnibus adapter for DOORS Next Gen allows bi-directional synchronization between Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform and DOORS Next Gen. With this integration, Requirements, Test Plan Collection, Storyboard, Modules, Collections and their traceability relationships are exposed to the other ALM tools connected through Omnibus. The adapter also supports OSLC linking with non-OSLC tools such as HP QC, TFS, JIRA. Read More & Download Datasheet ?

TeamCity 8.1 Integration Adapter Adapter/ Connector

The TeamCity 8.1 Integration Adapter allows TeamCity to connect to Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform and thereby synchronize with other ALM tools in the system. The integration provides a convenient way for managing Build Configurations, Build Steps and Builds through Kovair Traceability view. Read more.

MS Outlook 2013 Integration Adapter Adapter/ Connector

Kovair enables Software Development teams to update/add their project artifacts like Requirements, Defects, Change Request real-time directly from Outlook and communicate with each other on new task assignment, task completion and other related events through email. Read more.

Git, Gerrit and GitHub Integration Adapter/ Connector

Kovair Omnibus has a complete integration with the Git Suite. So, users using only Git as an Enterprise SCM tool can use the integration to track and get the complete traceability. Kovair also has integration with GitHub and Gerrit. So, software development organizations can also enjoy the benefits of using this integration by tracking changes, comment on lines of code, report issues, and then plan the future of their projects with other connected tools. Read more.

RallyDev Integration Adapter/ Connector

By integrating RallyDev with other ALM tools used for different phases of application lifecycle, organizations can sync data across the tools which are used for Requirements Management, Test Management, Release Management, Issue Management and Build Management. It allows the developers to view Tasks, User Stories, Defects, Test Cases from their IDE, such as Eclipse, without logging in to Rally. Read more.

TestLink Integration Adapter/ Connector

Kovair integration with TestLink allows team members to create end-to-end Traceability between Releases, Requirements, Designs, Code, Tests, Builds and Defects. It enables Execution of automated test cases in tools like HP QC and QTP and gets the results back to TestLink. Read more.

Omnibus 8.7 release

What’s New in Omnibus 8.7 release?
  • Widgets for Performance Monitoring
  • Enhanced Data Monitor
  • Enhanced License Dashboard
  • New Adapters Released
  • Meta Data Tracking
  • Extended Tool Dashboard

Release Period: 4th Quarter, 2014

Platform Enhancements
  • Export-Import of Omnibus configuration
  • Capability of validating project
  • Project Setup Page for replicating configuration quickly
  • Enhancement of Event Action Summary
  • Monitor for viewing Omnibus transactions
  • Omnibus data related pre-defined Dashboard
  • Batch Synchronization framework
Omnibus Notification
  • Ability to send personalized notifications to users or group of users based on successful or failure actions.
  • Creation of mail templates as many as needed and using them during the event action configuration
Omnibus Monitor and Dashboard

Omnibus Monitor provides real-time graphical representation of the Events and Action getting processed at Omnibus Engine level. Administrator can easily point any action getting failed and the following reasons behind it. Omnibus Dashboard is an integration visualizer which provides the administrator the top level performance statistics of the Omnibus orchestration.

Omnibus Troubleshooting Enhancements
  • Registration page with support for diagnostic
  • Downloading of adapter log from Registration list
  • Log Level Settings from Registration
Increased Robustness of Integration
  • Field level conflict handling and resolution
  • Retry mechanism introduced