What is Kovair QuickSync

A fully automated tool for data migration between a pair of best-of-breed, open source, legacy, or homegrown tools.

The intuitive UI and built-in features of Kovair QuickSync simplifies the process of tool mapping, project configurations, business flow setup, and real-time data monitoring.

Accelerate and secure data migration process easily

QuickSync Flow
  • Get total flexibility to move data in a few mouse clicks
  • Use single point console for both sync and migration
  • Monitor migrated data and migration status in a single tool
  • Check data sanity between tools- both real-time and historical
  • Reduce manual effort of data validation during migration
  • Generate On-screen reports for quick analysis of data flow
  • Reduce training and new tool adoption time by teams

Migrate data between any two tools and monitor them from anywhere, anytime without coding

Which Tool You Want to Migrate

Currently, Kovair offers data migration solutions between HP ALM & Microsoft TFS, HP ALM & JIRA, HP ALM & IBM DNG for all their different versions. Pick any name from the tool migration list and ask for demonstration.

Tool CombinationsSync SupportMigration SupportMigration DirectionSolution Overview
HP ALM 12.5. -TFS17.1.0.0NoYesHP ALM => TFS
HP ALM 11.0 - TFS 2010YesYesHP ALM => TFSDownload Datasheet
HP ALM 11.0 - TFS 2012YesYesHP ALM => TFSDownload Datasheet
HP ALM 11.0 - TFS 2013YesYesHP ALM <=> TFSDownload Datasheet
HP ALM 11.52 - TFS 2013YesYesHP ALM => TFS
HP ALM 12.0 - TFS 2013YesYesHP ALM <=> TFSDownload Datasheet
HP ALM 12.5 - TFS 2015YesYesHP ALM <=> TFS
HP ALM 11.0 - TFS 2015YesYesHP ALM <=> TFS
HP ALM 12.0 - TFS 2015YesYesHP ALM <=> TFS
HP ALM 11.52 - TFS 2015YesYesHP ALM <=> TFS
HP ALM 12.2 - TFS 2015YesYesHP ALM <=> TFS
HP ALM 11.0 - IBM DNG 5.0.0YesYesHP ALM <=> DNGDownload Datasheet
HP ALM 11.0 - IBM DNG 6.0.0YesYesHP ALM <=> DNGDownload Datasheet
HP ALM 11.0 - JIRA 6.xYesYesHP ALM <=> JIRADownload Datasheet
HP ALM 12.5 - Test Link 1.9.1YesYesHP ALM <=> TestLink
Test Link 1.9.1 - HP ALM 12.5YesYesTestLink => HP ALM
TFS - ServiceNow CloudYesYesTFS <=> ServiceNow Cloud
TFS 2010 - ClearQuest 7.1.2YesYesTFS <=> ClearQuest
DOORS 9.3 - TFS 2013YesYesDOORS <=> TFS
ServiceNow Cloud - VersionOne CloudYesYesServiceNow Cloud <=> VersionOne Cloud
HP ALM 12.53 - Jazz 6.0.5YesYesHP ALM 12.53 <=> JAZZ 6.0.5
QA Complete 11.8- JIRA Test Management 4.9.4YesYesQA Complete 11.8 => JIRA Test Management 4.9.4
Jazz 6.0.6 - Jazz 6.0.6YesYesJazz 6.0.6 <=> Jazz 6.0.6
HP QC 9.2 - TFS 2015NoYesHP QC 9.2 => TFS 2015

Kovair continuously adds new tool combinations for migration between a variety of tools.

Why Kovair QuickSync

  • Minimum cost – No extra infrastructure. Just download, install and you are ready. No Database, no Web server required.
  • Multi-faceted integrations – One-stop solution for syncing, merging as well as migration of data between a pair of tools.
  • Intuitive and intelligent migration console – for simplifying tool mapping, project configurations, business flow setup. Also, supports relations and attachments.
  • On Screen health monitoring – Quick analysis of data synced between two tools and their sync or migration status.
  • Customized metrics – Chart based graphical reports on post-migration data, showing success and failure counts for a given time interval.
  • Transaction based licensing – designed to support ‘Pay-as-you-go’ model.

Enjoy Codeless Configuration

Simple and user-friendly interface for configuring artifact, fields, and user mapping. Users can also define their own supported business flow.

QuickSync field Mapping

On Screen Health Monitoring

Quick monitoring of detailed data synced between a pair of tools along with their sync status.

QuickSync Synchronization Health Interface

Availability of Synchronization History

Availability of detailed data history for any individual record along with its running status.

QuickSync Sanity Check Interface

On Screen Reports

Chart based graphical reporting of data flow between tools for broad level visualization of data being synced over a given time interval.

QuickSync Metrics Tab

Side by Side Comparison

Compare post migration data between pair of tools and override attribute values in in either direction.

Business Flow Metrics with Data

We Help Best Companies Do Better

We had to migrate data from 10 HP ALM projects to Microsoft TFS and tried several other methods without success. Kovair’s product was very effective for us, and their team was flexible to work within our schedule.

– Brad Ryba, Director, QA – EDMC

We had researched several tools available and made the decision to partner with Kovair for the work. Following initial data mapping planning with our team, the Kovair engineers worked diligently on the conversion, completing all work on time, without errors or loss of any data. Needless to say, we were fully satisfied with their work, and with all of the Kovair associates on the conversion team.

– Mark Braemer, Manager, Software QA – Jonas Fitness, Inc.

Case Study

How Kovair QuickSync served EDMC

QuickSync for EDMC Data Migration


How to Optimize Data Migration Effort

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