Project Portfolio Management

Manage Software Project Portfolio Efficiently in a Single Tool

Plan, Align, Allocate, Execute and Optimize Projects!

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Kovair Project Portfolio Management Solutions

Kovair Project Portfolio Management provides actionable insights to the project managers and senior management on the entire portfolio of projects. This helps them to measure gaps, allocate funds and resources, do a budgetary forecast, prepare for contingencies, control costs and set strategic goals – ensuring on-time quality delivery.

    Kovair PPM enables you to:
  • Get a centralized and transparent view of the entire project portfolio, ensuring financial transparency.
  • Prioritize the right projects and programs; estimate and strategize on future needs.
  • Eliminate last minute surprises and plan for contingencies.
  • Improve production efficiency within constraints, reduce cost, automate workflows, and achieve deadlines.
  • Ensure best practices to achieve higher control on release predictability, compliance and standardization.

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