Kovair Professional Services

Professional IT Service Management Support

Effective use of industrial strength application lifecycle management technology means gaining new skills and expertise, learning the best way to manage distributed project teams, configuring the tools for a custom fit with your environment and sometimes building custom processes and workflows to map the unique way you build systems. And, if your projects are globally distributed, you’ll gain even more benefit from having us help you plan how to implement, rollout out the technology and customize how it is deployed.

That’s where Kovair’s Professional Services come in. They’re designed to get you off to a fast start and ensure your success as you learn and implement new processes for managing your projects. Our experts are trained in every aspect of the technology and can quickly fine tune it for your requirements, freeing your people to get on with their work.

Our service professionals are experts with years of global application lifecycle it service management support experience, in depth tool knowledge and a wide range of technical skills to help you with your entire development life cycle.

Some of the more commonly requested services are described below, but we encourage you to ask us if you have needs that you don’t see answered here. There’s a good chance that we’ve done what you require and can put together a service plan that will address your specific issues.

IT service management Tool customization services are completely dependent on the complexity of the request.

Implementation Support

This service is designed to help new customers get the Kovair application installed along with the necessary OS, database and 3rd party components for flawless operations. Includes performance tuning of Kovair software on the server and testing of all components to ensure everything is running smoothly, and sizing of hardware and software requirements based on current and future loads.

The service is usually offered remotely, but can be done on-site if needed. Estimated time required is 1-2 days, depending on complexity of installation.

Process and Tool Configuration

Our expert assists customers in documenting current and proposed development processes, determines the best way to implement them in Kovair Global Lifecycle and trains Admin users on how to configure their tool setup. The processes are captured using facilitated JRAD sessions with stakeholders representing different groups in the organization, and recorded using Kovair’s proprietary JRAD information gathering template. Kovair’s consultant documents challenges and assists you in arriving at a consensus to resolve key issues.

Kovair’s consultant also identifies potential risk issues and how to mitigate them, and leaves behind all notes and documentation created during the session. Your Admin users receive guidance and support to do the actual configuration themselves, ensuring that you are self-sufficient when we leave.

Assignment completed on site. Estimated time required is 2-10 days depending on complexity of environment and number of lifecycle objects being implemented. (A single product configuration will be at the low end of the time estimate, while an Enterprise Edition configuration will be at the upper end.)


Mentoring is extended guidance for your project team and Admin users in the application of lifecycle management technology, especially in a globally distributed environment where the challenges of implementing defined processes, workflow, standards and tools in a consistent way can be much greater than usual. We work along side you to solve tool usage, methodology and process issues as they come up ensuring a more thorough cultural and organizational adoption of the new techniques and much stronger understanding of how to leverage the tools for maximum benefit.

Mentoring includes helping an IT organization to streamline their development processes, and is designed around the Kovair Global Lifecycle product support and maintenance deployment, but may include optimal usage of other third-party and internal tools. JRAD sessions and Kovair’s proprietary JRAD information gathering template are used to capture processes, with a focus on training stakeholders in project and people it service management support in the Global Application Lifecycle Management model.

Mentoring assignments are defined jointly with the customer, and the duration is negotiated based on customer requirements.

Tool Customization

Kovair Global Lifecycle products are highly customizable and extensible. Almost all aspects of the product can be tuned using the browser-based built-in graphical configuration tools, without coding or special IT resources. Although you can do this yourself, some customers will prefer to bring in a Kovair tool expert to assist in creating a custom fit for your organization. Additionally, many larger it service management support organizations have third-party tools and internal legacy systems which they would like to integrate with Kovair Global Lifecycle for seamless operation.

Mentoring assignments are defined jointly with the customer, and the duration is negotiated based on customer requirements.

Tools Customization services can include any of the following:

  • Integration of third-party tools and internal legacy systems using Kovair’s web service based API.
  • Development of additional custom tool components to customer specifications.
  • Customization of the standard Kovair Global Lifecycle tools, such as user interface changes, custom color combinations, graphic designs, modification of tool functionality.