Why Customers Prefer Kovair Omnibus Over Others

Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform introduces unique features that set it apart from other integration technologies currently available in the market. Kovair Omnibus enables easy configuration through drag-and-drop configuration screens, which eliminates the need of coding. The ESB platform works behind the scene to provide a fully automated and enterprise-grade synchronization support for tools that are used by software development and delivery teams. With Kovair Omnibus, everyone can work from their tool of choice as well as get near real-time access to updates made by team members working in some other tools.

This video will give you a walkthrough into Kovair Omnibus and some of its distinguishing features that explain why customers prefer Omnibus over others. Kovair Omnibus is an integration platform that offers integration supports with 110+ tools in the IT tool chain. It not just helps to synchronize but scales organization work process.