Value Stream Delivery Enables Business Composability

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Questions & answers and audio interview by Outlook Series on Value Stream Delivery Enables Business Composability

Question from Michael: Welcome Akshay! As CTO for Kovair, having completed over 3 years there as a tech advisor and 2 years now as their CTO, Akshay, what are the key benefits of using Kovair’s VSMP/VSDP: Value Stream Management and Delivery Platform for helping Transition Enterprises towards Business Composability?
Response from Akshay: Thanks for the question…Michael!
Let’s first define Business Composability
According to Gartner:
“Business composability is a combination of mindset, practices, and tools that enable enterprises to sense and respond to changing business conditions.”
It provides a strong foundation to respond to business volatility. This foundation validates the considerable investment CIOs and CTOs have made to rearchitect the enterprise’s information and technology (IT) with operations technology (OT), and that work has started to deliver business results by boosting business agility. Transformation often involves breaking monolithic and highly complex systems into components and microservices that are scalable and customizable. Composable IT and OT capabilities are complicated and costly. Many times, these underlying capabilities require persuading the CEO or CFO to fund them without seeing an immediate impact on business performance.
From the recent 2022 Gartner CIO Agenda Pilot, they found that a significant portion of enterprises sampled have reached the point where they can now boost business composability — the ability to rapidly rearrange business capabilities to meet changing market conditions. This ability enabled these enterprises to outperform non-composable peers during the pandemic. The survey findings show what enterprise leaders can expect from their business composability investments and provide evidence to help CIOs and CTOs write the business case for composability.
Elements of a Composable Business include:
  • Composable thinking: Leaders at my organization encourage the creation and reuse of modular business capabilities and technologies.
  • Composable business architecture: We combine business elements (e.g., capabilities, products, services, etc.) in multiple ways to create new value.
  • Composable technologies: The work of producing technology capabilities is modularized and automated using APIs, microservices and other modular components.
Composable technologies
In a nutshell it’s like have a team analogous to Lego Blocks vs a team analogous to a monolithic building.
Kovair is uniquely positioned for Business Composability service enablement and management.
First: Kovair’s PPM: Project and Portfolio Management solution within it’s VSMP/VSDP solution set can provide stakeholders a unified platform to manage budgets, schedules, resources, risk and hazard management, and field data through a single interface, along with Revenue Management, and the Logistics of Payment/Invoice Management, which is always needed in any Industrial setting.
Secondly: Kovair’s Workflow Engine, can make the Processes Automated and Actionable with Management Dashboards. Kovair allows IT to develop it’s software as a product using Kovair DevOps and ALM solutions, manage the delivery of it using Kovair’s CI/CD functions in the Cloud or on-prem, manage the lifecycle for the product, “ideate” it’s API’s and process workflows to the product with Kovair’s Gartner Cool Vendor Awarded Omnibus, as an Enterprise Service Bus to the product, with Role-based and Policy-controls, and now provide Revenue Management functions too within Kovair’s VSMP/VSDP solutions.
Thirdly: Kovair’s VSMP (Value Stream Management Platform), VSDP (Value Stream Delivery Platform), PPM (Project and Portfolio Management) for DevSecOps, and Omnibus as an iPaaS: integration Platform as a Service helps clients automate and seamlessly manage their workflows and their API’s to the Business, helping enable Business Composability, with product lifecycle management, governance, and process compliance all seamlessly integrated.
Kovair’s value proposition for Business Composability is:
  • Kovair manages all flows using open communication standards and exposes the data through standard APIs and web services, with security engineered in.
  • Kovair’s solutions enable the development of business applications and business analytics software on top of Enterprise Service Bus middleware which can compute the information collected from millions of devices, and enable newer services with Drag-and-Drop Agility of Certified Solutions!
Question from Michael: Akshay, When it comes to S/W teams, how do they embark on this journey transitioning to Business Composability?
Response from Akshay: Good Question, Michael,
The recommendations for CIOs, CTOs, and IT leaders include the following:
  • First, They need to form a Business Composability Tiger Team structure that identifies the Organization’s Processes, Tools, Methods, mindset, technologies, and a set of operating capabilities that enable organizations to innovate and adapt quickly to changing business needs. It is built on applying the key principle of modularity to business assets to achieve the scale and pace required of business ambition.
  • scope-of-composable-business
  • Second: They need to identify all the Business Technologies: the digital assets packaged as discrete components that each deliver independent, clear and complete business value, and are designed as building blocks for assembly and reassembly of business processes and application experiences. Components include:
    • Modularity, or the mixing and matching of more granular business functions.
    • Orchestration, connecting and combining modular pieces to achieve the proper outcomes.
    • Discovery, sensing what change needs to happen and when.
    • Autonomy, empowering individual entities to creatively respond.
  • Third: Looking at their Business Applications and making them Composable with API’s, Cloud-based technologies, all Managed as a Service, with Multi-tenancy, and leveraging newer Micro-services
  • Business-Applications-and-making-them-Composable
  • Fourth: Innovations. Looking at newer approaches, newer AI/ML benefits, newer business models, monetization of data, people, processes, services, as well as API’s in newer B2B systems by including contextualization of data exchanges to fuel the right data models together with the right business models. Data and analytics governance for industry organizations engaging in the new Composable Business and it’s ecosystems can harness the full value of information assets, including newer APIs.
  • Composable elements
All of which Kovair provides…and enables
All this should enable a better collaborative environment for better quality, better productivity, better security, and support for better operational resiliency.
Question from Michael: Akshay, innovation is often key to digital transformation and likely is imperative in Composable Businesses. So, how can firms increase innovation with their Business Composability program?
Response from Akshay: Michael, Enterprises are transforming with Digital Transformation moving to the Cloud, looking at Industrial IoT, looking at newer solutions like AI/ML, eKiosks, Mobile Applications, eCommerce, but this will fall flat if no Innovation occurs. This Key Critical Capability needs to be addressed, as they look to transition to Composable Businesses, within newer Ideation Processes.
Think of the new business as being composed of modular “lego” blocks that can be added as desired.
The idea of composable business operates on four basic principles:
  • More speed through discovery
  • Greater agility through modularity
  • Better leadership through orchestration
  • Resilience through autonomy
This type of thinking enables a business to survive, and even flourish, in times of great disruption. From a technical perspective, this type of composability is not new to CIOs. It exists in familiar technology, from APIs to containers. But, it is a new, or perhaps ignored, idea for a CIO’s business counterparts and board of directors. Composable business requires a foundational change in business thinking, architecture and technology.
Now Innovation through Ideation can occur, by adding newer Composable Business Blocks as needed, like Lego Blocks, a car is designed, and wings are added to create a plane, and then a rocket engine is added to fly to space, in a modular manner.
Kovair can enable Business Composability in this journey.
Kovair’s PPM solution delivers greater value to the organization by connecting the entire lifecycle from planning to execution. It enables IT leaders to optimize their project portfolios, manage the capacity of resources against the demands raised from different projects, and connects plans and resources to the actual project execution.
The Kovair PPM solution within it’s VSMP solution set not only provides complete visibility across the entire value stream but also provides complete visibility of the delivery lifecycle from the quintuple perspectives of Revenues, Risk, Resource, Time & Cost, to the C-Level executives as well as to the stakeholders of the projects through role-based real-time reports & dashboards.
With it’s Drag-and-Drop ideation of Workflows, and connections to Industrial applications, newer innovations can occur!
Question from Michael:Thanks, Akshay, to wrap-up, what are the implications to business leaders for Kovair’s VSMP/VSDP for Business Composability announcement recently?
Response from Akshay: There are many competing siloed VSMP/VSDP solutions as well as siloed Business Composability Toolkits and Advisory Services in the market: some with Industrial Applications, some with data lakes and data migration solutions, some with API middleware pre-packaged with Low Code / No Code configuration capabilities, some with siloed ALM (applications lifecycle management) tools support, some with DevOps tools support to migrate to Cloud applications, some with dashboard and analytics data lakes and repositories, but only Kovair packages all of the above within one framework, with workflow automation functions, as well as product lifecycle management functions, for not only Technical Leaders but Business Leaders as well. Only Kovair uniquely offers all of the above with Revenue Management and Payment Invoice Management as an added capability.
As people transition back to work, solutions are needed to allow for continued WFH… with gas heading to $5/gallon… Kovair’s remote, web-based project planning solutions include complete management dashboards, a workflow engine, a task scheduler, project calendar, resource management with invoicing functions, GANTT Charts, workload and risk management platform, along with complete ALM, DevOps, and DevSecOps solutions which collectively allows managers to plan and control the application development from the beginning to the end with complete product lifecycle management….
Question from Michael: TThanks, Akshay, Any final thoughts ? Where can our audience get more information on Improving Business Models with Kovair VSMP/VSDP for Business composability?
Response from Akshay: Thanks Michael, has a wealth of information there.
  • One final thought, I would highlight from people can try Kovair on the Cloud, as a Proof of Concept trial, and try before you buy. Kovair can support remote management via dashboards showing all the process metrics and statuses to be visualized in real-time, and provides remote control of workflow pipelines via email, with role-based policy controls, it supports multiple databases, across hybrid multi-clouds, including 5G Edge Clouds, and Kovair’s Workflow Process Engine is unique with Task-based models which supports concurrency, which is more representative of real-world teams as teams are likely working on multiple tasks concurrently and remotely, across different environments.
  • These are challenging times now but with newer solutions, and newer thinking, and newer Business Composability, hopefully this will all be alleviated with better solutions from platform providers like Kovair as we discussed. Hopefully the result is better harmony within IT teams, and better business outcomes… from innovations by Kovair…
  • So hopefully this is a Game-changer !
Comment from Michael: Indeed it is! Thank you Akshay!