Sync Attachments and Comments with Artifact Synchronization

Communicating from different tools is difficult. That’s why Kovair Synchronization Support for files and comments enables team members to collaborate efficiently irrespective of what tool they use. Using Kovair Synchronization Support for Omnibus, artifacts from different tools can be synchronized to facilitate sharing of file attachments and comments, while eliminating the need of any separate tools like Slack or email for communication. Now imagine being able to view the conversation history related to an artifact if a bug becomes a regression. The entire data synchronization process of Kovair Omnibus has been explained using a use case scenario between tools Microfocus ALM for submitting defects and Atlassian JIRA for managing bugs. Kovair Omnibus offers integration supports with 110+ tools in the IT tool chain and it not only flows artifacts but also synchronizes associated information like the fields, attachments, and comments. It also automates handoffs across your entire tool chain so that delivery is accelerated your team can respond to customers faster.