Sync Artifacts as per your Business Needs

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Kovair Omnibus supports flexible data routing facility that enables you to specify the exact location where you want the data to be transferred when routing data from the source tool to the target tool. You can route data directly when you need to flow the artifact or set the set the route map based on specific conditions. For example, you can specify whether a high priority defect need to be sent to Project A and a low priority defect needs to be sent to Project. Kovair Omnibus will follow the validations when routing data from the source tool to the target tool based on team work structures and standard processes. The explanation has been shown by presenting a use case scenario using tools like Service Now, Atlassian Jira and Helix ALM.

Kovair Omnibus offers integration supports with 110+ tools in the IT tool chain. Sync Artifacts is one of the primary features of Kovair Omnibus — an Enterprise Service Based platform that enables users to set up an integrated ALM ecosystem by connecting COTs, in-house and open source tools.