ServiceNow and Rally Integration with Kovair

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In this video, you will learn how Kovair helps Operations Teams working in ServiceNow to collaborate with Development teams working in Agile based environment, and thus improving customer support system by providing real-time engagement on the development progress.

 Video Summary

In any IT organization, the communication between Operations team and Development team has become a major bottleneck in resolving Customer issues and timely notification. Each time the Operations team creates a Ticket in ServiceNow or other Helpdesk tools based on customer requests, the development team in Rally Agile is supposed to get real-time update on that and start fixing the issues or Change Requests. Similarly, when the Development team works on an issue or implements a Change Request, the Operations team and Customers are supposed to be immediately aware of that issue fixing status.

In the absence of a common integration platform and a web-based single data repository, it  is not possible to keep both the teams in a single page of information. The lack of communication between teams may cause productivity loss, compounding delays, and customer dissatisfaction.

Kovair Omnibus addresses this communication issue between Dev and Ops team by integrating ServiceNow tool with Rally Agile. Kovair also integrates workflow of the teams, avoids any manual hand-off of information and generates cross-tool data based reports and metrics that can be used by the management for performance related decision making.

This video demonstrates how a Customer Ticket related information passes to-and-fro between Operations and Development teams  using Kovair’s integration platform and thus provides a constant update to Customers ensuring a higher level of satisfaction.