Next Generation Integration with Kovair Rest API

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Make efficient use of your existent functionality and data extracted from a host tool. API or Application Programming Interface is a collection of functional endpoints for defining communication with a host tool. Using Kovair API, data from third party tools can be mashed up into the Kovair Omnibus platform to generate meaningful metrics. The features is especially relevant when integrating analytical tools with BI tools. Using Kovair API as the gateway of information, meaningful data can be extracted from the analytical tool and flowed into the BI tool for recovering important data and metrics.

    Using Kovair API you can:
  • Push data from external resources into the Kovair platform for building a data repository.
  • Extract data directly from the connected tools using Kovair API, Kovair Omnibus ESB Platform, and Kovair Adapters.
  • Generate organizational specific reports by extracting raw data from the platform into the best-of-breed tools.