Kovair Platform – Release 7.0

Kovair 7.0 Release Video

In this video you will learn how Kovair 7.0 differs from Kovair 6.5 with a gamut of improved features. To give your feedback or to ask questions, leave a comment below.

 Video Summary

The User Interface (UI) of Kovair 7.0 is new, and has been designed with a record-based approach using Web 2.0 features. The new UI provides better navigation and is easy to use.  This new release resembles social networking websites and has been designed like that in order to enrich user experience and allow future releases of Kovair 7.0 to run on mobile devices.

In this video you will see the remarkable differences between Kovair 7.0 and previous releases of Kovair in the following aspects.

1. Overall look and feel

2. Better Content organization

  • Entities (i.e. tabs)
  • Menu links
  • Application header
  • Action menu

3. Better Navigation

  • Entity Grouping
  • Introduction of multiple tabs

4. Usability

  • Expandable work area
  • Action menu on right-click
  • Multiple Concurrent Working Modes

5. Web 2.0 experience

6. Number of features